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The Shakespeare Globe Trust is dedicated to the experience and international understanding of Shakespeare in performance. Uniquely its work celebrates the fact that the greatest dramatic poet in the English language lived and worked in London and that the cradle of English theatre was on Bankside by the River Thames.

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Today the Shakespeare Globe Trust gives expression to its purpose through three central and inter-dependent activities:

  • First, the faithfully reconstructed Globe Theatre, forming the heart of an extensive exhibition about Shakespeare and the theatre of his day.
  • Second, it strives for an international reputation for performance excellence through its productions at the Globe Theatre. New work is also stimulated.
  • Third, the Globe is an international focal point for the study of Shakespeare in performance. The facilities at Bankside are a resource for students, teachers and academics from all over the world and Shakespeare’s Globe provides educational programmes and publishes material for students at all levels.

The Globe receives no annual government subsidy.

The activities of Shakespeare’s Globe are self-financing in overall terms. Activities are therefore balanced in such a way that net income from the exhibition, box office and donations is sufficient to cover net deficits, for example on educational and academic work.

We recognise that the Globe’s Theatres are what define, unite and enable excellence in all our work.

Globe Purpose

Why we exist and what we do:

To promote and improve the understanding and enjoyment of all aspects of the dramatic art; principally in relation to the study of Shakespeare in performance.

Globe Vision

What inspires us and our ultimate aim:

Inspired by Shakespeare and the Globe’s Theatres, our aim is to be the world’s leading organisation in the study and celebration of plays in performance.