Shakespeare's Globe

Dromio(s) played by Fergal McElherron

The Comedy Of Errors (2010)
Written by: William Shakespeare

Fergal McElherron played both Dromio of Syracuse and of Ephesus in the 2010 touring production of The Comedy Of Errors. His previous work at Shakespeare’s Globe includes: Loves' Labours' Lost, Romeo and Juliet, Helen, and A Winter’s Tale.

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Letters Home: Headingham Castle, Esses

Hallo! I'm Fergal McElherron, and I'm playing the Dromios (of Ephesus and Syracuse) in this year's touring production of The Comedy of Errors.


Letters Home: Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Cambridge has been great! We were in the Master’s garden in Emmanuel College, which is literally a garden at the back of his house. It made it so much more intimate because we were surrounded by college buildings.