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"In a normal world, I don’t think you ever really feel ready to tech. You always go, 'Oh God, it’s too soon!' But I think from what I hear, you learn a lot from being in front of the audiences. They tell you everything, so that will be exciting..."

As tech week approaches, Annette reveals the world of this production, the crucial moments so far, and the prospect of bringing the show before an audience.

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Rona Kelly: Music seems really integral to this production.

Annette McLaughlin: Yes.

RK: Can you tell us a bit about that and where it’s placed in the world of the play?

AM: Yes. Ian Ross, who’s our composer, who I think has composed for the Globe last year, he has written some really beautiful music. And it’s all sorts of different music, but it’s sort of set around about 1979. So there’s a bit of disco and...I don’t want to tell you too much, but there’s a little bit of music and a prologue, which explains the crash, the sinking of a boat by an island. So there’s hints of all sorts of different kinds of music, but there’s a lot of 1970's stuff at the beginning as well, and probably at the end.

RK: And you mentioned earlier AJ [Uwajeh, Viola]. What relationships are you forming at the moment with other actors and do you want to develop in the next few weeks of rehearsal before you bring it on stage?

AM: I mean it’s a great group of people, probably more than half I knew before I started. Either I’ve done workshops with or I knew socially or have worked with. And, of course, Malvolio with Katy [Owen], we’ve been exploring all of that and that’s great fun because I’ve worked with Katie before. So that’s always really good fun. I mean really, AJ and John [Pfumojena] who plays Sebastian, [they] are kind of my focus at the moment. John is great as well, he has so much energy; a great actor and an extraordinary singing voice, as well. I mean all these people are uber-talented.

RK: And what moments do you think are particularly crucial for your character at the moment, as you’re exploring the play?

AM: The first two scenes I think are quite tricky to set up, so I’ve been trying to work a lot on the detail of those. And [Olivia's] such a complex character, full of contradictions. So it’s trying to explore that and pulling herself together and then falling a bit and then pulling herself together. So that’s what I’ve been trying to explore, I think. And it’s all there in the text. It’s such wonderful, complex writing that the more you delve, the more you find. It’s very exciting.

RK: And there’s something like you said earlier, [there's something] so musical about the verse in this. There are so many rhymes in this, they just all click and stick in the lines. And finally, what’s been your favourite moment from rehearsals so far?

AM: Oh, I think being on the stage. I found that really exciting and all of those sessions on that stage were just like, 'Wow, this is extraordinary'. It feels like you’re being hugged by the audience, it’s wonderful.

RK: And then, it’s just a few weeks before we get up on stage for tech, isn’t it?

AM: Oh, yes!

RK: I shouldn’t have said it. It’s fine. You’ve got ages.

AM: Yes, we’ve got another week, one more week.

RK: How do you feel about approaching tech now?

AM: Okay at the moment. Ask me this time next week, I might say something different! But I’m okay at the moment. I know I’ve got another week to work on stuff, so we’ll see, we’ll see. I’m not sure you ever feel quite ready unless you’ve been going…I mean with Billy Elliot I had nine weeks of rehearsal, but that was because I was working with four different boys and we were teching for ever and ever. So you were like, 'Yes, I’m ready now to do this'. But in a normal world, I don’t think you ever really feel ready to tech. You always go, 'Oh God, it’s too soon!' But I think from what I hear, you learn a lot from being in front of the audiences. They tell you everything, so that will be exciting.

RK: And the nice thing is you’ve got the school groups coming through during tech as well.

AM: For tech, yes, that’s great!

RK: So, they’ll give you a bit of a head start on how things are playing.

AM: Yes. And just being able to look people in the eye and talk to them and be honest with them is exciting and I’m sure will feel liberating.

RK: Great. Well, thank you for joining us and we’ll try and catch up with you after tech week and once the show is up and running.

AM: Brilliant!

RK: Brill, thanks. 

Thanks to Jacqueline for the transcription of this interview.

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