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Herstmonceux has this amazing castle, it’s just like the castles you dream about; the castles in fairytales.

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Herstmonceux has this amazing castle, it’s just like the castles you dream about; the castles in fairytales. It has a moat around it and a draw bridge and is set on these farmlands in the middle of nowhere really. We are performing just in front of the moat so when the audience are watching us they have the amazing view of the castle in the background. I think this might be my favourite venue. Something I particularly notice is when, in the beginning of the play, I am facing the back and I compare it to other backgrounds we have had, like the indoor theatres which just have a black wall, and this is just beautiful.


The first day we performed here it was very chilled out because it was a very small audience, but I don’t think it was a bad show at all. It is generally a very calm and relaxed atmosphere, apart from the ducks! The audience have had a bit of trouble with ducks here because they keep taking their food. We are performing whilst the ducks are flying off and people are screaming; I suppose there’s always something to combat with when you are performing outside.


We have been abroad for the previous few venues but even coming back to England, and performing here at the castle, it still feels just as foreign in a way because it is still unlike anywhere I have performed before. Also, like when we were abroad, we are all staying in the same place, near the castle in student digs. The actual castle is a higher education institute and so we are staying in the college accommodation. It is really nice at breakfast to all take the short walk down to the castle together. In terms of the audience, they are all so different both at home and abroad. We have just come back from Germany where they were very raucous whereas here they are much more reserved. But even though the audience here might not be as audible, they are still smiling, so we know they are enjoying it.


Now we are back in England and with our last performances at the Globe approaching, it is like we are finally on the home stretch. I have never done touring before but I love it because every show is different; everywhere we go it changes and what’s great is that we, the company, get on so well. There are 11 of us as a core company: the cast of 8, 2 stage managers, and our 1 dresser. Sometimes we also have an assistant director and the lady who is doing this documentary on us. We are being filmed the whole way through the tour and they are hoping to do some kind of ‘on the road’ programme. One thing I find hard about being on tour is that you just begin to get to grips with performing at a venue when you have to move on again. Nonetheless, I am really enjoying it and looking forward to our next venue at the Globe which is where it all began!


Jade x

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