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Lessons From Shakespeare's Henry V

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Monday 22 May 2017, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare's Globe

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In these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times, there is much talk of the value of clarity and vision from inspirational leaders. But what does it mean to be that leader? Henry V offers us the deepest insights into the nature of inspiration and leadership. A new King unites a group of disparate and warring people around a common goal: overcoming all obstacles in his path on the way to achieving victory and a chance of building a better future.

Returning to Shakespeare's Globe in its 20th anniversary, director Richard Olivier will lead the Inspirational Leadership workshop. Olivier directed Henry V for the opening of the Globe Theatre in 1997. 

This programme offers the chance to access a broad portfolio of skills and behaviour that will help to realise a bold ambition: to be a truly inspirational leader. Leaders need to be visible. They need to communicate vision and purpose in a way that inspires their teams. This truly reflects their passion and commitment with authenticity.


You will:

  • Explore ways in which you can establish and maintain credibility as a leader
  • Become more aware of your own leadership style, strengths and ambitions and how to build on these
  • Identify the habits that hold you back from achieving your full leadership potential
  • Learn more about what inspires you as a leader and how to communicate your vision to those you lead


This programme is aimed at:

  • Any individual or group preparing for or in a big challenge
  • Those wishing to learn the benefits of leading from multiple perspectives
  • Any individual or group needing to learn about motivation and inspiration


Awarded Thought Leader 2013 by the Best Practice Institute, Richard Olivier is Artistic Director and founder of Olivier Mythodrama™.  He works internationally as a leadership development consultant, keynote conference speaker and workshop leader.  He was a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2003 & 2009 and collaborates with many other global organisations. He is the author of “Inspirational Leadership - Henry V and the Muse of Fire” and co-author of “Peak Performance Presentations - How to Present with Passion and Purpose”. 

He was a leading theatre director for over 10 years and directed Henry V for the opening of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where he was the Master of Mythodrama™ from 1998-2003.