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Day 1: Shakespeare’s Globe, Day 2: the Royal Courts of Justice

Tickets£100 per student, including tickets to the performance
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Hamlet - 10 May – 11 May

Othello - 4 September – 5 September

As part of our ‘Shakespeare on Trial collaboration with the Royal Courts of Justice, we are offering two – day workshops on Hamlet and Othello

Students taking part will be offered the opportunity to extend their understanding and personal interpretation of the play through a joint theatrical and legal lens. No prior knowledge of the play is necessary, as day one of each course will include an introductory lecture and workshop from one of our Globe Education Practitioners. You will also attend a matinee performance of the relevant production at Shakespeare’s Globe.

The second day of the course offers you the chance to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and take part in a staged trial of one of the characters. Legal experts will guide your students through tasks centred on preparing a convincing argument through close textual analysis. The final trial will showcase your students' accumulated presentation skills, legal knowledge and ability to construct effective evidence based arguments. This will prove an unforgettable experience that will be sure to spark further debate in the classroom and beyond.

These workshops are open to all but are particularly suited to KS4 and KS5 students of English Literature, Law, History, Theology and Philosophy.


Booking Information:

£100 per student, including standing tickets to the performance.

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