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University Courses

Interested in Shakespearean theatre history and contemporary Shakespearean performance?

For 20 years we have been welcoming students from universities around the world who share our passion for Shakespeare, his work and his playhouses.

University courses can vary from a single day to an entire academic year in duration. Some recently created courses have examined:

  • The historical and current value of Shakespeare’s plays
  • Language, performance space and the materials of theatre practice
  • The cultural conditions in which Shakespeare’s plays were produced
  • The unique cultural relationship between the actors and audience at the Globe


Courses are taught by our specialist lecturers and practitioners, as well as by leading international Shakespeare scholars and theatre professionals. You will have access to resources including our Sackler Studios,  Library and Archives, and may even have the opportunity to work on the Globe stage.

Create your own course

For further information, or to discuss creating a made to measure course for your university group contact us by email, or telephone on 020 7902 1464.