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Shakespeare's Globe

Adriana played by Hattie Ladbury

The Comedy of Errors (2014)

Hattie makes her Globe debut as Adriana in the upcoming production of The Comedy of Errors.

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“This jig is quite special - it’s quite a complicated rhythm but it really gets the heart racing, and I think is a really fitting celebration of this play.”

In her second interview, Hattie discusses the new music written for the production, the important relationships in the play for her character, and preparing for the jig.

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“Adriana is massively flawed but has a huge heart. Everything she does is an act of love and she may get things very very wrong and treat people very badly but doesn’t necessarily mean to.”

In her first interview, Hattie talks about her relationship with The Comedy of Errors, her impressions of Adriana and the language of the play.

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