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Shakespeare's Globe

Gabriel [2013]

Written by: Samuel Adamson
Directed by: Dominic Dromgoole

Award-winning playwright Samuel Adamson brings a teeming world of intersecting narratives to the Globe stage with real & imagined characters: monarchs, prostitutes, wigmakers, composers, transvestites and watermen. Alison Balsom, one of the world’s finest trumpeters brings this world to life with the music of Purcell and Handel.


  • Designer Jonathan Fensom
  • Musical Director Bill Barclay
  • First Trumpet Alison Balsom
  • Violin & Leader Sophie Barber
  • 2nd Trumpet Mark Bennett
  • Cello Joe Crouch
  • Harpsichord Tom Ford
  • Theorbo Arngeir Hauksson
  • Viola Louise Hogan
  • Timpani Robert Howes
  • Violin Elizabeth MacCarthy
  • Bass Violin Peter MacCardy
  • Sackbut Abigail Newman
  • Violin Walter Reiter
  • Bassoon Zoe Shelvin
  • Oboe Martin Stadler
  • 3rd Trumpet Adrian Woodward

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The Telegraph
Tim Walker

"Samuel Adamson's trumpet extravaganza, Gabriel, is a joyous example of theatre that makes you feel glad to be alive."

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The Guardian
Micheal Billington

"This is a piece that gloriously defies definition... It makes for one of the most enjoyable evenings I've spent at the Globe."

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Evening Standard
Fiona Mountford

Gabriel is an awkward conglomeration of short plays and scenes, interspersed with much music from the talented Alison Balsom.

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