Shakespeare's Globe

The Bible [2011]

Written by: King James I
Directed by: Jacqueline Somerville

Written in 1611, the King James Bible was the work of many hands, and has proved over the last four hundred years the undying power of the written and the spoken word. The Globe celebrates that achievement, and that long oral tradition, by reciting one of the great masterpieces of world literature from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday.

The King James Bible contains some of the most exciting and extraordinary stories ever told and the origins of many famous sayings and phrases can be found within it. A team of actors will present these texts in full across twelve thrilling sessions, in a theatre which is constantly working to make Jacobean words become flesh.

Cast includes: Gareth Armstrong, Keith Bartlett, Jason Baughan, Nicholas Beveney, Michael Brophy, Serena Evans, Louise Ford, Miranda Foster, Dana Gartland, Andrew Havill, Daniel Hawksford, Daniel Langley, Barbara Marten, Bill Nash, Rhiannon Oliver, Hugh O'Shea, Golda Roshuevel, Nadia Shash, Bethan Walker, Leon Williams.


  • Composer Akintayo Akinbode