Shakespeare's Globe

The Comedy of Errors [2012]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Corinne Jaber

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Performed in Dari Persian by Roy-e-Sabs, from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Roy-e-Sabs is a theatrical miracle. In 2005, the group performed Love Labour's Lost in an ancient garden in war-ravaged Kabul, close to where the founder of the Mughal Empire lies buried. The controversial production saw men and women acting together, the women occasionally not wearing headscarves, and lovers holding hands - truly audacious things to rehearse in modern Afghanistan. For the first time, they are leaving Kabul to come to the Globe with a new production of The Comedy of Errors.


Two sets of identical twins, separated as babies during a sandstorm in this brand new Afghan adaptation of Shakespeare's classic, find themselves in the city of Kabul for the first time as adults. Soon, their friends mistake the twins for one another and bewilderment abounds, as the wife of one man declares the other to be her husband, pronouncing him mad when he denies the claim. Exuberant, mystical and brilliantly farcical, Shakespeare's shortest play is a romantic comedy of confusion and ultimate reunion. Rah-e Sabz's adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy is set in the bustling back streets of modern-day Kabul, places of laughter and joy that few foreigners ever get to see or hear about.


  • Costume Designer Zolaykha Sherzad
  • Lighting Design Lynne Fernandez


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