Shakespeare's Globe

Troilus & Cressida [2012]

Written by: William Shakespeare
Translated by: Te Haumihiata Mason

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Performed in Maori by Ngᾱkau Toa, from Auckland, New Zealand.

The dramatic festivities open with the group who have travelled furthest. Rawiri Paratene (star of Whale Rider) has assembled New Zealand's best Maori actors for a production of Troilus and Cressida. In an exquisite translation by Te Haumihiata Mason, the production will incorporate many aspects of Maori culture; the haka (warrior dance) and waiata (song), especially created by the best composers and choreographers of Aotearoa. Ti hei mauriora!


Seven years into the Trojan War, the Greeks despair over Achilles’ refusal to fight. In Troy, Prince Troilus, brother of Hector and Paris, who loves Cressida, enlists the help of her bawdy uncle Pandarus in uniting them. To Troilus’ fury Cressida is politically traded to the Greeks and becomes the mistress of Diomedes. The death of Patroclus spurs Achilles to fight and an unarmed Hector is murdered. Troilus, anguished over the loss of Cressida and the inevitable loss of Troy vows revenge on Achilles.


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