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Whether you’re a Shakespeare newbie looking to expand your knowledge and or a lifelong learner searching for something new, our seasonal programmes of events give you access and insights into Shakespeare’s stories, plays and playhouses.

Get actors’ behind the scenes nuggets with post-show Q&As, and expand your knowledge of the canon with pre-show talks from world leading Shakespeare scholars. Bring your family on a journey of discovery with one of our award winning productions and unique story telling experiences. Help us unearth 400-year-old productions in Read Not Dead, and ask was Shakespeare really the best playwright of his age?

This Season: Shakespeare and Friendship

To be ‘Friends’ in Shakespearean England meant many things.  Your friend might be a family member, a business associate – or your lover. To be ‘friendless’ was the worst state imaginable.

Enjoy Globe Education’s exploration of Shakespeare and his contemporaries as they return time and again to the central importance of friendship in its many guises: kinship, romance, eroticism and devotion beyond death.