5 Stars
Story teller Saul Jaffe does a splendid job in engaging his audience, both young and old...The story unfolded with wit and imagination leaving us charmed and spellbound
The Audience Club 

5 Stars

A wonderful hour in the company of Saul Jaffe, an accomplished storyteller who paced and led us with improv and laughter
The Audience Club

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Shakespeare's Globe

Tales that Inspired Shakespeare...

Storytelling with Saul Jaffe, Ages 7+

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Saturday 18 February 2017, 1.00pm

Nancy Knowles Lecture Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe

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£10 Adult | £8 child (all those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) 1 hour
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Join storyteller Saul Jaffe as he fuses his love of play, improvisation and the joys of responding to a live audience. Accompanied by Ansuman Biswas on his magical hang drum, they will tell three immersive tales - Mr Nedzumi the Rat, Pygmalion and The Flower Princess. Suitable for ages 7+


Mr Nedzumi the Rat

Mr Nedzumi, the Rat, is descended from the gods, so none but the best will do for his daughter when it comes time for her to marry. His quest for the best leads to a remarkable revelation, as he scours heaven and earth for the most powerful being he can find.

Join us for some magical mischief in this fantastical Japanese story that shares themes with Shakespeare’s The Tempest



Unable to find love for real, sculptor Pygmalion creates a statue of a beautiful lady that he makes so lifelike, he falls in love with it instead! Sad and lonely, he prays to the goddess Aphrodite to grant him a woman with all the same charms as his creation. But will his dreams come true?

Join us for a sharing of this magical story that part inspired Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.


The Flower Princess

It's not all plain sailing, even when you're a princess! For Flora, a Sicilian princess, she has to battle fortune, favour and tides just to stay alive. Cast out on the seas, she arrives in Bohemia where a loving, childless couple take her in and raise her as their own, but her troubles are only just beginning...

This story, popular during Shakespeare's day, was a big influence on him when he wrote The Winter's Tale.