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Telling Tales is our Family Literary Festival, celebrating the fun of storytelling. 

Check back soon for more information on future Telling Tales events...

We all have our favourite stories, whatever age we are. Perhaps it’s a much loved childhood character, a thought provoking teenage fiction tale, or maybe we’re most fond of a classic story.

Our weekend long festival celebrates the joy of storytelling, with activities for all the family. Shakespeare’s tales are brought to life by Globe Education storytellers and our interactive workshops create a lively and active way to learn more about Shakespeare’s plays.

We also play host to a group of children’s writers who will provide insights into their favourite characters and give you the chance to practice your own creative skills.

Festival-goers can also experience ‘Bottom’s Book Market’ a space dedicated to stories. With pop up performances, puppet shows, reading tee-pees and a multi-sensory space, this wonderful place is guaranteed to make storytelling accessible for all lovers of a good yarn.


Have a look at last year's festival below: