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These are the Youths that Thunder at the Playhouse

Two rising stars in Shakespeare studies share their research with you followed by the opportunity for discussion.

‘What, in our house?’ The home, the theatre, and the knocking at the gates in Macbeth

Dr Emma Whipday
Teaching Fellow in Shakespeare and Early Modern English Literature
(King’s College London)

Immediately after King Duncan’s murder in Macbeth, the audience hears a knocking at the gates. Dr Whipday's talk explores how Shakespeare borrows this offstage sound effect from the genre of ‘domestic tragedy’, a group of plays based on true and recent murders in Elizabethan England.

In discussing Macbeth as a play about a household murder, this talk asks what Shakespeare’s tragedy of kingship and witchcraft has in common with early modern ‘true crime’ dramas. Emma also examines how Shakespeare’s representation of Macbeth’s castle maps onto and reimagines the spaces of the theatre.


Living autopsies on twisted forms: examining identity in the ‘Berlin Globe’

Dr Benjamin Fowler
Teaching Fellow (University of Sussex)

In February 2015, German director Thomas Ostermeier built a structure within his Berlin theatre that replicated the actor-audience relationship of Shakespeare’s Globe.

Ostermeier, a director that many perceive as ‘radical’, began investigating the premise that Shakespearean form works hand-in-glove with theatrical architecture. Comparing this space to an operating theatre, Dr Fowler will explore Ostermeier’s use of Shakespeare at the Berlin Globe to probe questions of identity and perception in three dimensions.


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These are the Youths that Thunder