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Shakespeare's Globe

Date & Time

26 March, 2 & 7pm
27 March, 2pm


Shakespeare's Globe


£5 Standing
£10 or £15 Seated

  • Education/Events/PS

Playing Shakespeare 2013

Specially created for schools, Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank features a stunning production on the Globe stage with complementary web resources. The project is designed to promote active and practical approaches to the teaching of Shakespeare at Key Stage 3 and 4.


Romeo and Juliet - the seventh Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank production - is a 90 minute full-scale performance of the play. Thanks to the support of Deutsche Bank, two weeks of free performances for schools took place from 13 to 25 March.

Online Resources

To support their visit to the Globe, students had access to the Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank web resource, providing them with insights into creating a production for the Globe Stage and featuring interviews with actors and key company members.