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Read Not Dead

Read Not Dead was launched in 1995 and brings actors, audiences and scholars together to explore and celebrate the plays performed in London and on its stages before 1642.

The ground-rules are simple. Actors are given a script on a Sunday morning and work with a director to get the play up on its feet – with entrances and exits, token costume and music if needed. They present it, script in hand, to an audience at 4.00pm.

These are not intended to be polished productions. However, there is a shared spirit of adventure and excitement for actors and audiences who sense that they might be uncovering a hidden gem.


The John Ford Experiment

Ford is one of the most underrated playwrights of the early 17th century. He was deeply influenced by Shakespeare and almost obsessed by Othello.

This summer we present productions and staged readings of all of John Ford's solo-authored works; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover his plays in performance.


The Fancies Chaste and Noble

by John Ford
Sunday 6 September, 4.00pm

Castamela, the sister of Livio, is persuaded to join the Bower of Fancies, an establishment for young women under the control of Octavio, the marquis of Siena. Livio is appalled: stories of prostitution, lesbianism and sexual extravagance convince the outside world that Octavio is running a sort of harem. But as Octavio’s nephew Troylo-Savelli reveals to Livio, the marquis is impotent: all the women within the Bower are safe from assault, and spend their time dancing and singing. Unconvinced, Livio extracts his sister and attempts to marry her to the poor but respectable Romanello. But Castamela’s reputation has preceded her, and Romanello rejects her as a whore. Will Castamela ever find a husband after her sojourn in the Bower of Fancies? First performed by Queen Henrietta’s Men in 1635-6, The Fancies Chaste and Noble is an entertaining drama of gossip, rumour and sexual double standards.


Tricks of Youth - Back by Popular Demand

By Thomas Jordan
Sunday 4 October, 4.00pm

Tricks of Youth, or The Walks of Islington and Hogsden with the Humours of Wood Street Counter has been chosen by you conclude our second season in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Four gallants tumble through Islington, Hoxton and the City. One is in love with a married woman and another has entangled himself with a kitchen maid. Their reckless actions result in a chase across town and the threat of imprisonment in the Wood Street Counter – one of London’s most notorious jails. Meanwhile, the play’s romantic centre focusses on two lovers who struggle to make a life together in a society obsessed by wealth and status. Wildly popular in its time, it was said to run for 19 days at the Red Bull in Clerkenwell.


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Read Not Dead

Read Not Dead at the Globe.

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