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Read Not Dead

The Read Not Dead project was launched in 1995 to stage readings with professional casts of all surviving plays that were produced between 1567 and 1642.


Amends for Ladies

by Nathan Field 
Sunday 18 May, 4.00pm

A city comedy in which a maid, wife, and widow have their virtue questioned by the men who claim to love them. Satirical and witty, the play questions the association of women with inconstancy.

This play launched the Read Not Dead project in 1995 and has been chosen as the first Read Not Dead staged reading in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.


Every Man in his Humour

by Ben Jonson 
Sunday 29 June, 4.00pm

Jonson’s comedy was published in two versions with an Italian and a London setting. The Folio version was set in London with Shakespeare listed as playing the part of Old Kno’well. The late Professor Glynne Wickham made a guest appearance and took on Shakespeare’s role when the play was staged once before as a Read Not Dead reading. Professor Stanley Wells will play Old Kno’well in this staged reading.


Duchess of Amalfi's Steward

by Lope de Vega 
Sunday 14 September, 4.00pm

Derived from the same source as Webster’s Jacobean masterpiece, Duchess of Amalfi's Steward is a verse tragedy from the Spanish Golden Age. The widowed Duchess of Amalfi has fallen in love with her majordomo Antonio, and secretly marries him. When the truth emerges, her jilted suitor Ottavio and brother Julio plot to avenge such an injury to the family’s honour.

Back by popular demand 

Sunday 5 October, 4.00pm

Join us to see which play you chose to conclude our inaugural season in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Click here for more information on how the choice of play will be made.


£15 (£12 FoSG/Students)





Original Pronunciation - Macbeth

by William Shakespeare 
Sunday 20 July, 4.00pm

Co-ordinated by Ben Crystal and David Crystal OBE.

This particularly experimental staged reading will be presented in candle-light with actors using only cue-scripts.  The performance will also be in “original pronunciation” reconstructed especially by David Crystal for this one-off performance in the reconstructed Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. 

Working to simulate the dynamics of Shakespeare's company, the rehearsed reading will combine a new-old accent, theatre, company, and music, showing one of Shakespeare's greatest and bloodiest tragedies in shimmering new light.

A panel Q&A session will follow the reading, with David Crystal, Ben Crystal, Rob Gander (director of Hamlet in OP, 2011), and members of the cast.


£20 (£15 FoSG/Students)

Please note that there will not be a Rarely Played seminar before the staged reading of Macbeth.




Rarely Played Seminars

Learn more about each of these plays with our inspiring and engaging seminar introductions prior to our Read Not Dead performances. 


12.00pm – 2.00pm


Nancy Knowles Lecture Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe


Ticket does not include Read Not Dead performance. Please book separately. 
Please note that there will not be a Rarely Played seminar before the staged reading of Macbeth. 




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