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Read Not Dead

Read Not Dead was launched in 1995 and brings actors, audiences and scholars together to explore and celebrate the plays performed in London and on its stages before 1642.

The ground-rules are simple. Actors are given a script on a Sunday morning and work with a director to get the play up on its feet – with entrances and exits, token costume and music if needed. They present it, script in hand, to an audience at 4.00pm.

These are not intended to be polished productions. However, there is a shared spirit of adventure and excitement for actors and audiences who sense that they might be uncovering a hidden gem.


The Injur'd Princess, or The Fatal Wager

By Thomas d'Urfey
Sunday 22 November, 4.00pm

Venue: Sackler Studios, Shakespeare's Globe

This Restoration adaptation of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline removes any trace of divine intervention and extends the original’s preoccupation with jealousy and brutality.

Princess Eugenia weds the noble Urasces, who is consequently banished by King Cymbeline for daring to marry his only heir. Questioning the way in which unwavering loyalty is rewarded, the ensuing tale is one of disguise, friendship and betrayal in which the ambitious Queen and her drunken son play the unerring villains.



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Read Not Dead

Read Not Dead at the Globe.

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