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Read Not Dead Read Not Dead

Shakespeare's Globe


7 - 10 August



Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire



Reviews from last year’s performance:

“Read Not Dead at Wilderness with cast from Shakespeare’s Globe. Wonderful just wonderful.”

“Shakespeare’s Globe’s Read Not Dead was definitely one of the highlights of Wilderness festival.”

  • Education/Wilderness

Read Not Dead on The Road

Our celebrated staged reading series has hit the road touring venues (and fields) nationwide including Glastonbury, Wilderness and Latitude festivals and to the Halls of the Inner Temple and Gray’s Inn, London.       

The Old Wives' Tale - Wilderness Festival

If The Old Wives’ Tale can be compared to anything, it should be to ‘A Thousand and One Arabian Nights’; this is England’s dramatic equivalent to that incredible story of stories. Peele’s play is something of an anomaly in early modern drama, because Peele gives his characters the power to create yet more characters that populate the stage.

When the old wife of the title, Madge, sits down to tell her ‘merry winter’s tale’, the characters that she speaks of suddenly walk onto the stage. Soon the story is ‘telling’ itself, as we are presented with a succession of wise old men, knights errant, bewitched maidens and a clown called Booby. This motley crew have fallen victim to the evil sorcerer Sacrapant, who must be defeated for peace to return. This is a play intensely interested in the power of illusion, as Peele stages for us drama’s uncanny ability to supersede reality.

Festival-goers will be able to watch the open rehearsal during the day on Friday and Saturday.

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