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Read Not Dead

Performances with scripts of rarely performed plays:

Sappho and Phao
Sunday 27 August

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“This is Shakespeare learning at its best, with students excited, engaged and definitely creative.”

Cecily Boys (freelance director), Drama Resource, Dec 2013

"Globe Education has shared inspirational teaching resources and ideas that provide students with unique opportunities to interact and engage with Shakespeare."

Emily Drabble, The Guardian, April 2013

“There can’t be many theatres whose education department started work before the theatre itself was even built and it’s an indication of just how central education is to what the Globe stands for.”

Susan Elkin, The Stage – Education & Training blog, March 2011

“More than 100,000 students a year go through Globe Education with its set courses, programmes, bespoke workshops and events, pre-school to pos-grad – 600 a day are using them. There is a growing library and archive, it has its own publications, and Globe Education has become an authority on Tudor theatre with partnerships with universities around the world. There is also a close relationship with the borough it sits in, Southwark, and the local authority.”

Arts Industry, April 2011



“It’s entertaining, funny, clever and informative. This is theatre for young audiences at its innovative best and not even remotely patronising. Everyone had fun and everyone learned loads.” 

Susan Elkin, The Stage (Muse of Fire), Nov 2013


“The best theatre experience ever! So exciting and brilliantly done – amazing”
Emily Drabble, Guardian, 2013


“Edith & Isaac LOVED today’s performance.  They were full of chat and my daughter was thrilled she was the only one who knew what the third witch said.”
Nicola Formby, Tatler, 2013


Read Not Dead 

 "A beautiful and literate reclamation of a masterpiece of the early modern stage, more complex and involved than the vast majority of fully realised productions I’ve seen lately, and hysterically funny to boot."

Dr Peter Kirwan, Lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama, University of Nottingham, The Bardathon, February 2013

"Among the many [Globe Education] projects and activities I’ve observed and written about over the years, the Read Not Dead programme is a particularly interesting one because it has played such an important role in developing emerging talent.

Almost 1000 actors have performed in the series since it began in 1995, many of them making their professional debuts or appearing early in their careers. Among those to have taken part are Daniel Craig, Carey Mulligan, Jason Isaacs, Anne-Marie Duff, Samuel West, Rebecca Hall and Ben Whishaw. Audiences attending performances can therefore justifiably hope to see early performances from some of the stars of the future."

Susan Elkin, The Stage Education and Training blog, September 2012

Globe on Screen

"These beautifully filmed DVDs bring the wonderful experience of live theatre in Shakespeare's Globe – with its particularly exciting style of actor-audience interaction – to the classroom in a powerful and immediate way – very highly recommended."

Gary Snapper, NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English) March 2013


Globe Education Shakespeare editions


"Staging It is extremely user-friendly....a very inventive, modern way in which to break down Shakespeare's text literally line by line. It's an enjoyable way of intensively studying the words of Shakespeare" - Rachel Cresar, Teaching Drama, December 2014

"It is the audio and visual features that really set these iBooks apart from the rest of the educational editions on the market. The ability to watch the actors in rehearsal on the Globe stage offers a view into the plays as plays which is something that we have not easily been able to do in the past

If you’re lucky enough to be able to offer these texts to all of your students as iBooks, then I would not hesitate to invest."

Alison Smith, NATE ICT committee, NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English) March 2013

"Another brilliant volume from Globe Education which is perfect for students at Key Stage 3 and 4. It brings the play to life for the reader while providing the teacher plenty of ideas for exploration through action, discussion and rehearsal."

David Farmer,, April 2013


Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank

“I am so envious that I was not taught Shakespeare like this! Every time I have attended Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank at the Globe I have never failed to come away inspired and full of ideas to help open up the language and world of Shakespeare to my students. We have been so lucky to have been given the opportunity to bring our students to the Globe where they have been enthralled by some of the most amazing productions that have excited them about live theatre and the unique atmosphere of this wonderful space – it really is a remarkable and valuable experience for all involved.”

 Natalie Jim, Drama Curriculum Leader, Sarah Bonnell School, 2014


“Deutsche Bank and Globe Education bring learning to life for over 16,000 students from London state secondary schools who receive free tickets to a specially created production at Shakespeare’s Globe. The partnership's annual project lifts Shakespeare from the page and puts it into action for teenagers, offering many their first opportunity to enjoy live theatre, and ensuring it is an exciting and memorable experience.  The additional workshops for teachers and students support teaching in schools and the accompanying website broadens this fantastic resource to schools across the country, and available internationally."

The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, the Secretary of State for Education, 2013


"Deutsche Bank is to be commended for supporting a project that escapes both the perils of dumbing down and the dreaded enthusiasm for relevance; it takes courage to commit to the defence of work of lasting value."

Marc Sidwell, City AM, March 2013

"[The accompanying website,] has made the text more accessible. character profile pages that were so visually appealing and  interactive. It is that discovery aspect of learning that is so effective."

Becky Tapper, KS3 English Co-ordinator, Sed-Ed Magazine March 2013

"There’s something raw and thrilling about Bill Buckhurst’s productions for the Globe, and it’s not just the directing or the cast. The audience, mostly kids who have never seen Shakespeare at all before, is electric, responding to the jokes and the tragedies, inter-playing with the cast who seem to love it."

Arts Industry, April 2012

The Deutsche Bank programme has, over six years, introduced Shakespeare to more than 70 per cent of London’s state schools…The rapt children’s faces were as much a spectacle as the play itself.

Financial Times, Michael Skapinker, March 2012

"...more than 600 of our pupils have met Shakespeare on the (Globe) stage, have understood his language and are keen to recount their interpretations back in school." 

English teacher Mark Beyer-Kay, writing in the Times Educational Supplement (TES), December 2011

Gosden House Project

"Among the most unusual and inspiring for making the work of the bard more accessible, both in the theatre and in print."

Saba Salman, July 2013


Globe Education PhDs

"Take a trip to the iconic Globe theatre in London and you might find yourself being studied rather closely. You might even find yourself in the pages of the first two PhDs to be awarded in a joint venture between the Globe and universities in the capital… Audience behaviour and its effect on actors - and on Shakespeare himself - are among the topics looked at by the academics."

BBC News website, February 2012