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Shakespeare's Globe

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Shakespeare’s stories and sonnets are full of imagery - he paints pictures with words. This year’s A Concert for Winter celebrates creativity in all its forms and we want to provide a range of media for people to take part, widening participation beyond the event itself, connecting you to the story of Southwark and helping to nurture a sense of belonging amidst the vibrant diversity of the area.

To celebrate Southwark as a place to live, work and learn, we are inviting you, our local community, to submit photographs and images of Southwark “Local Landmarks”, you also need to tell us in one sentence why you have chosen the image; what story does it tell? What significance does it have for you? You may choose an iconic building or place of personal significance. We will choose a selection of images to exhibit online. So why not take part and celebrate Southwark in images.


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