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Shakespeare's Globe

Our Theatre 2013

Your ideas, your production, your performance.

The Our Theatre project is a celebration of the creativity and achievements of Southwark’ students and teachers and is free to all participating schools.

Each group works with a Globe Education practitioner over fifteen weeks to devise and rehearse a section of The Winter’s Tale. These schools then come together to present their shared vision of the play in an ensemble production on the Globe stage.


Read our Scene by Scene or check out our recommended Web Resources for the Winter's Tale. Also, be part of the story evolving with these interactive tools:


Use the spinner to create scenarios that you can act out in the classroom By clicking the arrows the spinner will generate over 4,000 different scenarios. Download the ‘Spinner Suggestions’ and find new ways to explore The Winter’s Tale for yourself.

  1. Character

  2. setting

  3. manner

Character profile builder:

Join the discussion today. Click on a name below and add your thoughts on that character. Working together, you can build a biography that will tell us all about the characters.

Why not start with characters in the scene you are working on?


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