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"It was a perfectly pitched workshop. The girls felt really challenged and stimulated, and they really stepped up to that challenge. They enjoyed themselves immensely and are still talking about it. "

Margret Smith
Teacher, Hillview School for Girls

Shakespeare's Globe

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Key stage 4 workshops

We offer a choice of two Lively Action workshops at Key Stage 4:


Workshop: Playing the Globe

A 90 minute session led by one of our Practitioners, including:

  • A half hour guided visit to the theatre.
  • A one hour workshop based on any Shakespeare play of your choice.


This session provides a practical introduction to the performance conditions at the Globe, exploring how this shapes playing style and language. The workshop can augment national curriculum study of a Shakespeare text for coursework or exam study at Key Stage 4, making connections between time and literary traditions and exploring language as a key to engaging with character and structure.


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Workshop Information:

October to April
Monday to Friday:
10.30-12:00, 12.30-14:00 or 14:00-15:30

May to September
Monday to Friday:
10.30-12:00, 11.30-13:00 or 12.30-14:00


£9 per pupil - minimum charge of £165
Teachers free.

This can be combined with a visit to our Exhibition for an additional £4.50 per pupil (Minimum fee £165 for the workshop plus £4.50 per pupil). We can accommodate up to 4 classes of 30 pupils at one time slot, subject to availability.

Please Note: there is an additional £2.50 administration charge per workshop booked.


To book a Key Stage 4 Lively Action workshop, please complete the online form.



Workshop: In Shakespeare's Playhouse – Lively Action Study Day

    •    A 45 minute guided exploration of the Globe Theatre.
    •    A visit to Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition.
    •    90 minute practical workshop focusing on any Shakespeare play of your choice.

Lively Action Study Days explore the Globe’s unique relationship between actor, audience and architecture, examining how this relationship shapes the language of Shakespeare’s plays.

Particularly suitable for pupils preparing for GCSE, this day may be used as a stimulus for the coursework component, providing students with a range of dramatic opportunities to explore a play.


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Workshop Information

Year round
Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 14:00 or 11:30 – 15:30


£16 per pupil
Teachers free.

Or minimum fee of £230 for the workshop plus £4.50 per pupil for the exhibition.


To book a Key Stage 4 Lively Action workshop, please complete the online form.

Special Educational Needs

This programme can be tailor-made for groups with Special Educational Needs. For more details please email us, or phone 020 7902 1433.


Include the Exhibition or a Live Demonstration in your visit? Based under the Globe Theatre, our engaging and informative Exhibition explores the life of Shakespeare, the London where he lived, and the theatre for which he wrote.

Live demonstrations are offered in the Exhibition which cover Shakespeare’s use of stage-fighting, Elizabethan clothing, and printing on a traditional pressFind out more about these sessions on our Live Demonstrations page, or download our information sheet (PDF).

 For information on restrictions on numbers and timings for these demonstrations please see the Lively Action Booking form.