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Shakespeare's Globe

Terms & Conditions

Just some points you really should read...please

Payment and Payment Options

We expect payment to be received in full within 14 days of your booking being confirmed.  Shakespeare’s Globe reserves the right to cancel your booking if payment is not received within these terms.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments

We accept payment by:

BACS (preferred method): please use the name of the school and the date of your booking as your reference. Please notify us that payment has been made by e-mailing and quoting all relevant information, including school name, invoice number and date of visit.

Cheque: please make all cheques payable to Shakespeare’s Globe Trust and send them to:

Hannah Mayblin
Learning and Teaching Coordinator
Globe Education
21 New Globe Walk

With the name of your school, the date of your booking and invoice number attached

Credit/Debit Card: we accept payment by all major credit and debit cards (except American Express) over the phone.  Please call: 0207 902 1433.  We have a 2.5% credit charge when paying by credit card. 


Changes to your booking

If you wish to alter the number of pupils attending the tour and workshop prior to the visit you must do so before we receive payment for your booking.

In this instance we will happily re-issue an invoice for the new amount owed.  Please note that when reducing the number of pupils the minimum fee of £160 still applies.  Our ability to increase numbers is dependent on the availability of workshop space and additional practitioners.

We regret that we cannot alter numbers for your booking once your payment has been received and we do not offer a refund in this circumstance. 


Cancellations and Refunds

We regret that no refunds can be given for cancellations made less than 2 weeks in advance of your scheduled booking.  If a cancellation is made before 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled booking we will keep the minimum fee of £160 as a non-refundable deposit and return the rest of the balance. (If payment has not yet been received we reserve the right to charge £160).

If cancellation is made due to circumstances beyond your/our control (such as heavy snow, tube strikes etc.) we will endeavor to reschedule your booking for an alternative date.  If no alternative date is convenient, we will retain the £160 minimum fee as a non-refundable deposit to cover our costs and return the rest of your payment. 

If the cancellation is made by Shakespeare’s Globe you are entitled to a full refund.



Staff/accompanying adults are responsible for the safety of students at all times during your visit to Shakespeare’s Globe.  We accept no responsibility for any injuries incurred during the tour and workshop unless such accidents arise from negligence on the part of the Globe or its staff.

We have qualified first aid staff on site at all times and our practitioners are trained to ensure that the workshops are as safe as possible.


On-site Supervision

Staff/accompanying adults are responsible for the behaviour of students at all times.  As our sessions are practical and require pupils to work safely and sensibly with one another, Shakespeare’s Globe reserves the right to remove pupils/groups from the workshops if deemed necessary, at our discretion.  

In the unfortunate and unlikely circumstance that we have to ask a pupil/group to leave, we do not offer a refund.