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Welcome to the Forest of Arden  


Last year, with your help, we planted a virtual Forest of Arden to celebrate our touring production of As You Like It. It was so much fun that we have decided to keep it growing.   

We’d like to thank you all for the lovely pictures sent in from all over the world and we have decided to turn ‘The Forest of Arden’ into a poster that we will retail through our online ‘print on demand’ service.

Tips for taking a good picture: 

  • Try to centre the tree in the middle of the image
  • Try to avoid people or animals in the image
  • Aim to focus on just one tree, rather than taking a landscape shot
  • Have fun and be creative! 
How to get your tree to us
  • There are many channels through which you can send us your image: Facebook, Twitter (@The_Globe), Instagram (Shakespeares_Globe), Email
  • When using Twitter or Instagram please include the hashtag: #forestofarden to help us find your image.
  • When emailing us your image please make sure you send it as a jpeg file. 

Please read the terms and conditions below to find out how you can participate. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Shakespeare’s Globe Trust Ltd. (‘’Shakespeare’s Globe’’) seeks your permission to reproduce the image(s) you submitted to the ’Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email accounts for the ‘Forest of Arden’ photo project that began on 13 May 2011 and was relaunched on 20 July 2012. 


  • When submitting your image via Twitter or Instagram please include the hashtag #forestofarden.
  • Please include your name and the location of the tree when submitting your image. 


  • In agreeing to allow us to reproduce your image you agree to assign to Shakespeare’s Globe copyright of the image until 31 July 2014 and that it can be used on an unspecified and unlimited number of products that will be sold for profit by Shakespeare’s Globe. The profits from sales of articles depicting your image will go directly back into continuing the work of Shakespeare’s Globe.


  • You warrant that you own the copyright of the image and are able to unimpeded assign copyright in full to Shakespeare’s Globe.


  • Shakespeare’s Globe reserves the right not to use any image submitted to the Forest of Arden photo project without explanation. No correspondence will be entered into.


  • Shakespeare’s Globe will decide on the final design of the poster and which images are included, and how they are displayed. This decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.


  • If you agree to the above outlined conditions please email your image in the format below to:, titling the email ‘Forest of Arden’. Don’t forget to include your full name and location of the tree.


  • By sending a file of your image you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out herein.


Acceptable image formats:

  • Jpeg


We look forward to presenting the completed Forest of Arden poster.

Thank you very much, 

Shakespeare’s Globe Digital Team