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2010 Season - Shakespeare's Globe Henry IV Part 1 DVD


The first installment of the 2010 Globe production of Shakespeare's gripping account of the rise of Hal from idle barfly to monarch-in-waiting combines compelling power politics with the hilarious antics of Falstaff, Shakespeare's greatest comic creation.

Prince Hal, son of King Henry IV, seems to be squandering his life away with the fat knight Sir John Falstaff and the whores, boozers and petty rogues of Eastcheap. But beside these scenes of glorious misrule gathers a nationwide rebellion led by the Duke of Northumberland and his charismatic son, Hotspur.

Roger Allam won the 2011 Best Actor Olivier Award for his performance in Henry IV Parts 1 and 2.

Directed by Dominic Dromgoole

Designed by Jonathan Fensom

Composed by Claire Van Kampen

Multi regional.



English and German

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Customer reviews

Steve Howe, Essex StarStarStarStarStar
Mumble years after hating the Bard as a schoolboy, the Globe has finally opened my eyes. This was a joyous production, which both moved me and had me in stitches. Allam's Falstaff is magnificent - hilarious in the interrogations scene with Parker's excellent Hal; and heartrending during the Honour speech. King, Hotspur, and Glendower (what a voice) first class as well. Hard to imagine a better production.
Phil, Worcestershire StarStarStarStarStar
I bought this DVD, having loved the performance and am delighted. The Globe is such a stunning experience, with so much to take in, and with that in mind it is easy to be distracted - 'live' Roger Allam steals the show from a first rate cast. But on DVD, with some great close up camera work, you get to appreciate ALL the performances to the full. Jamie Parker's, in particular, proves to be just as strong as Roger Allam's Falstaff. I bought Part II and now await the Henry V with relish!
kevin t, tynemouth StarStarStarStarStar
Simply superb. Everything about this wonderful production is fun, engaging, utterly absorbing and a joy to see.There have been many unforgettable Falstaffs yet Roger Allam's performance is beyond praise - the best I have ever seen. towering as his performance is, it is part of an overall production that is thoroughly engaging, energetic and fun. Terrific.