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2012 Season - Shakespeare's Globe Henry V DVD


The 2012 Globe season production, directed by Dominic Dromgoole. The production stars Jamie Parker in the title role, who 'casts such a rapt spell that you feel the entire audience would rise up to march behind him' (The Independent).

Capped by one of the most famous speeches ever written, Henry V recalls a truely great English victory.

Spoken in Shakespeare's English with English and German subtitles. Plays in all regions.

Director: Dominic Dromgoole

Designer: Jonathan Fenson

Composer: Claire Van Kampen

Choreographer: Sian Williams


Directed for the screen by: Ross MacGibbon

DVD Producer: James Whitbourn

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Customer reviews

Steve Howe, Essex StarStarStarStarStar Empty
Jamie Parker reprises his prince Hal and is now a commanding Henry V. I found his Crispin's day speech oddly downbeat; but otherwise he was by turns powerful, touching and funny. Fluellen is played totally for laughs, and gets them as well. The leek scene was a riot; and life was breathed into the Englishman-Scotsman-Welshman-Irishman scene like I've never seen before. The French king and the Dauphin were spot on, the way the Archbishop of Canterbury's dignity was stripped from him was crude but funny; and the musicians were excellent.
Philip, Pershore StarStarStarStarStar
I was fortunate enough to catch this great Henry V. For those that missed it, this DVD gets you as close to that experience as possible. Jamie Parker works the groundlings in ‘the speech’ so well, which is the most electric interpretation I have ever seen. The chorus is so evocative and the whole feel of this play soaked in the Globe’s atmosphere. Wonderful stuff….