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30-Second Shakespeare


We've all heard of Shakespeare but what has made him endure beyond any other writer?  Do you know enough about the world's most famous playwright to join a dinner party debate on the life, works and legacy of the Bard?


30-Second Shakespeare features 50 of the key moments, works and lasting influences of the Bard, all explained clearly and without the clutter.  Each entry is summarised in just 30 seconds - using nothing more than two pages, 300 words and one picture.  Leading Shakespeare scholars present an expert guide to his life and works, from the intrigue of the authorship question to the meanings of key concepts, themes and motifs, and his extraordinary enduring literary and linguistic legacy.  Illustrated with engaging graphics and including features on seven key plays, 30-Second Shakespeare offers the quickest way into the mind of a literary giant.


Edited by Ros Barber

Foreword Mark Rylance


Hardback edition

160 pages

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