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Chasing Will


Philip Hopkins

The year is 1600. Will Shakespeare is at the height of his success at the Globe Theatre. But he has powerful enemies, and they are out to get him , forcing him to flee the sanctuary of the Globe. Sir Henry Coldcutt (a bloodthirsty war veteran), Richard Topcliffe (the Queen's sadistic torturer), Robin Poley (Elizabethan super-spy) - everyone is chasing Will!

But help is at hand, in the unlikely shape of eleven year-old Damian Wakehurst and the mysterious time time traveller Mr Donnelly, master of the magical "time sinks". Together they travel from the twenty first century to come to Will's aid.

Chasing Will is a thriller for kids of all ages from 9 to 90, combining page-turning excitement with scenes of breathtaking reality on the stage of the Elizabethan Globe Theatre. It is in turn funny, moving and nail-biting, a carefully-researched portrait of what life might have been like in and around the Globe and London in Shakespeare's time.