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Julius Caesar - Manga


Illustrated by Mustashrik


"BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH", warns a soothsayer in Shakespeare's classic portrayal of noble ideals turned to bloodshed.  Caesar, grown arrogant on military victory, assumes the people will acclaim his dictatorship.  But the staunch republicans Brutus and Cassius conspire to assassinate him.  Civil war follows, as Antony and Octavius seek revenge.  This manga recreation of Shakespeare's text transfers the action from ancient Rome to a futuristic city-state, once again facing tyranny after its prolonged struggles to establish a democracy.

Julius Caesar is part of Manga Shakespeare, a series of graphic novel adaptions of William Shakespeare's plays.  Drawing inspiration from trend-setting Japan and using Shakespeare's original texts, this series - adapted by Richard Appignanesi and illustrated by leading manga artists - brings to life the great Bard's words for students, Shakespeare enthusiasts and manga fans.


Paperback edition. 208 pages.

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