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Plague Rat


Cheeky soft rat hand puppet. Has tapered finger holes for small hands.

Available in grey and black

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Customer reviews

Marissa Mickelberg, Brooklyn, NY StarStarStarStarStar
My boyfriend came home with Plague Rat from his trip to London. I came up with a crazy voice for the puppet. When we adopted a dog, Gracie, she made Plague Rat her first toy. It was a good choice. We will buy another when Gracie has properly destroyed the original.
Evelyn, Nuremberg Germany StarStarStarStarStar
Peter Scabbers, as our plague rat is known, has been a faithful companion for my son for about five years. My son is getting far too old for toy pets by now, but he won't part with Peter who still sits somewhere hidden in his bed at all times. The best feature however is the fact that you can use the rat as hand puppet. It has helped my son through very hard times. He had to spend quite a bit time in hospitals and the rat has always given him courage and a smile. Thanks a thousand to the producers!
Keith, somewhere near Bradford StarStarStarStarStar
Well, Kit came,saw and conkered this week! Caroline rolled her eyes to the roof of The Globe's shop on Monday afternoon, but she has eventually agreed that he's a fine plague rat. Kit's now sitting next to William (see above)
Keith, Somewhere near Bradford... StarStarStarStarStar
William arrived last year and has become a firm fixture around the house, even among the twenty-somethings that arrive here from time to time. Bought as a result of a visit to The Globe by my partner Caroline, William may soon be rejoicing when a black rat who goes by the name of Kit arrives in about three weeks time... No prizes for guessing which shop we'll be visiting when we're in London in the first week of March!