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Punishment Without Revenge Play Text


Lope de Vega


Translated by Meredith Oakes


The Duke of Ferrara has lived a wild and unconventional life.  An infamous womaniser, he dreams that his only son, Federico, who is illegitimate, will one day succeed him.  When his subjects demand that he marry and provide them with the stability of a legitimate heir, the proud and beautiful Cassandra, Duchess of Mantua, is sent to be his bride.


But everything does not fall happily into place.


A passionalte love develops - but not between the Duke and his Duchess - and, in a culture where honour is the highest virtue, there can be only one outcome...


Regarded as the greatest tragedy of the Spanish Golden Age and the finest play of its presiding genius, Lope de Vega, this elegant work is set in the dangerous and glamourous world of Renaissance Italy.

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