Shakespeare's Globe

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Shakespeare's Local


Pete Brown


Six centuries of history seen through one extraordinary pub.


Welcome to the George Inn near London Bridge: a cosy, wood-panelled, galleried coaching house a few minutes' walk fro the Thames. Grab yourself a pint, listen to the chatter of the locals and consider this: who else has made this their local over the last 600 years?


Chaucer and his fellow pligrims almost certainly drank in the George on their way out of London to Canterbury. Shakespeare may well have popped in from the nearby Globe for a beer, and we know that Dickens definitely did. Mail carriers changed their horses here, before heading to all four corners of Britain - while sailors drank here before visiting all four corners of the world...


From murderers, highwaymen and ladies of the night, to gossiping pedlars and hard-working clerks, this lovely old inn has seen it all. So sit back and watch as buildings rise and fall over the centuries, and 'the beer drinker's Bill Bryson' (TLS) takes us on an entertaining tour of six centuries of history, through the stories of a very special pub and it's regulars.



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