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Springboard Shakespeare - Hamlet


Ben Crystal

Hamlet is the most studied and performed of Shakespeare's tragedies.  This accessible introduction offers a springboard into the play, taking a hands-on, performance-based approach, exploring the challenges and the rewards it presents to actors, audiences and students.

Springboard Shakespeare: Hamlet has a three-part structure: whether you're watching or reading, Ben Crystal takes you through exactly what you need to know BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the play.  He combines a genuine passion and understanding of Shakespeare with his experience as an actor, giving the reader a clear route to thinking about, understanding and enjoying Hamlet.

'Springboard Shakespeare is the perfect tool for actors, students, theatre-goers and anyone interested in understanding Shakespeare.  Ben Crystal has created guides that are a valuable and accessible way to enjoy Shakespeare's genius' - Kenneth Branagh

'Having Crystal as a companion through the stickier parts of Hamlet and Macbeth is like going to the theatre with an intelligent friend' - Independent