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The Duchess of Malfi - Arden Edition


John Webster

Edited by Leah S. Marcus


John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi is a masterpiece of the Jacobean bizarre, featuring a severed hand, a wolf-man and a poisoned Bible. Yet it boasts one of the most charming and radiant heroines in all early modern drama. As the Duchess defies her brothers, enters into a secret marriage with the man she loves, and faces persecution, we watch her magnificent spirit unfurl. This edition is the first to take third-wave feminist scholarship into account, and also the first to shape the text from the perspective of recent advances in editorial theory.


Arden Early Modern Drama editions offer the best in contemporary scholarship, providing a wealth of helpful and incisive commentary and guiding the reader to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the play.


This edition provides:

* A clear and authoritative text

* Detailed on-page commentary notes

* A comprehensive, illustrated introduction to the play's historical, cultural and performance contexts

* A bibliography of references and further reading