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The Lightning Child - Play Text


By Che Walker & Arthur Darvill


History, sex, funk, gender schism, politics, repressions, addiction, envy, tragedy and more sex collide in a psychedelic, anarchic remix of The Bacchae. Where are we? Everywhere. All at once.


In ancient Thebes - or is it contemporary London? - worshippers gather to join the organistic rites honouring Dionysus. Only the disapproving, woman-hating Pentheus seeks to put a stop to the fun. Elsewhere, in this ancient/modern city, the addicts Drax and Shug and the musician Louise and her flatmate Antonia are drawn towards their own forms of retribution.


From the inventive and anarchic team who brought The Frontline to the Globe in 2008 and 2009 comes a modern take on Euripedes' The Bacchae, combining cross-dressing, drug abuse, internet porn and classical myth, all told with a Shakespearean disregard for the usual conventions of time and place.


In paperback. 62 pages.