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Shakespeare's Globe

There are different ways to sponsor us

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Premier Sponsorship

Premier Sponsorship allows your company to become a major sponsor of the Globe's activities throughout the year, giving you exclusive access to a host of benefits and providing a fascinating insight into all areas of the Globe's work. We will work with you to ensure that your business objectives are met and your proud support is suitably acknowledged.

Production Sponsorship

By directly supporting a particular theatre production, your sponsorship enables the Globe to continue its research into how plays would have been performed in Shakespeare's time, stage lesser known works by Shakespeare's contemporaries and bring experimental work to the Globe stage. In addition you can support specific elements of a production such as clothing, music or training actors in verse and movement.

Education Programme Sponsorship

The Globe has a variety of opportunities available that will help satisfy corporate social responsibility policies relating to education and the community. The Globe works closely with the local Southwark community and also on a national and world wide scale to provide an exceptional education programme for people of all ages and abilities. We can work with you to develop projects that you can support over a year or longer. In return the Globe will provide a range of attractive benefits to meet your responsible objectives.

Single Evening Sponsorship

Become a sponsor of a single performance and enjoy a superb evening at the Globe for you and your clients. Once you have chosen a date and particular play to support you will be entitled to dinner at the Globe restaurant and the best house seats for the performance. Your support will be gratefully acknowledged on the evening of the performance in Globe Theatre's main foyer.

For more details on how your company can support us please contact:

Colin Mackenzie-Blackman, Head of Corporate Partnerships

020 7902 1452