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Shakespeare's Globe

Total donated so far: £59,319.00

  • Donation = £1000
    • Lyn and Alan Williams
      Welcome home!
    • Kit van Tulleken
      Good luck!
    • MarkB
      So exciting and adventurous - good luck!
    • Eileen Cox
      As his friend Ben Jonson said, Shakespeare "was not of an age, but for all time" -and countries.Brave actors all!
  • Donation = £500
    • Michael McCabe
      Congratulations to everyone involved in this truly remarkable achievement.
    • Georgia Oetker
      I am in awe !Good luck and lots of fun!
    • Yann Samuelides
      Good luck for this amazing project
    • Michael McCabe
  • Donation = £250
    • Georgia Oetker
      in awe...
    • Ian Myles
    • Henry Moss-Blundell
      Such an exciting project to tour Hamlet worldwide like this - What can one say but Bon Voyage!
    • Danny Witter
      Once more the Globe earns it's name. Fabulous project ! Congratulations.
    • Mark T
  • Donation = £100
    • Dean Kolbas
      As Shakespeare's work has been a gift to humanity, so The Globe's Hamlet has been, literally, a gift to the world. Thank you for sharing this great literature when it is desperately needed!
    • Ali and the bunnies
      The Globe has been so important in my and Steve's life for the past 5 years. So looking forward to being there for the last Hamlet performance on the 24th. I'll be the one in the front with the stuffed rabbits as usual!
    • NitaP
      We are all one world - better to share words than drop bombs.
    • Lyn Williams
      See you at Elsinore!
    • John
      Welcome back
    • Rosemary Ewles
      Go Globe to Globe!
    • Anne & Lizzie
      What an achievement. Proud of you all. xx
    • Rosemary Ewles
      So moved by seeing photos and watching video clips from this amazing tour.
    • HELENE
      To tour or not to tour, that is not, lucklily, the question any more.Looking forward to welcoming you in Switzerland.
    • Zachary
      " All the world's a stage ! "... How wonderful, what a privilege and marvellous idea and adventure to bring Shakespeare to the world,.. the emotions through his work connect us all. Thanks for bringing this to us all.Well done.
    • Gabriel Falcão
      "The rest is silence..."
    • Patricia Lakin-Thomas
    • Margareta
      I saw the Globe to Globe Hamlet in Sweden three weeks ago and hope to see it again in his home town, Elsinore in 2016. It´s lots of fun and full of good acting.
    • Nick Shatford
      This donation is on behalf of the Combat Veteran Players who wish the Cast and Crew all the best on this venture!
    • Jane Marshall
      Such a fabulous idea. Best of luck to all involved.
    • Andrew Fraser
      Congratulations and good fortune for such an "enterprise of great pitch and moment" !
    • Tom Bantle
      What the World Needs Now is More Shakespeare! Following up on my Kickstarter pledge.
    • Sarah Playfair
      A brilliant follow up to the fantastic Globe to Globe season - I loved Hamlet at the Globe and look forward to hearing news of its journey around the world
    • Gareth James
      You have ambition and imagination the size of a planet, so it's only right you should go to each of this planet's countries. (any vacancies for bag carriers, by the way?)
    • Michael Lynas
      Best wishes for this remarkable project.
    • Dr Sally Gold
      I first encountered Hamlet in my O-Level English course. I loved it then and I still love it now - every performance is a thrill, I never tire of it. Globe to Globe Hamlet is a fantastic idea - may all who see it love it as I do.
    • Matt Lancs
      Best of luck to you all, I hope you all have a great time and allow thousands of other people around the world to do the same.
    • Lesley MacDonagh
      Brilliant idea, well done The Globe
    • Ted Tregear
      Good luck with everything!
    • Pam
      I loved the production at the Globe and hope that your worldwide audience will get as much pleasure from the performances as I did.
    • Elena
      'Totus mundus agit histrionem' The Globe motto,'quod fere totus mundus exerceat histrionem'The Globe to globe mission! Thank you to be so 'bold and adventurous'!
    • Bill Alison
      Understanding through Shakespeare, my children will see the benefit.
    • Linda Baker
      This Hamlet Tour is a reciprocal thing. The Globe to Globe Festival in 2012 was a crazy risk and it turned out to be one of the most moving and inspiring theatrical experiences,ever. The World touched let's return the compliment!
    • Jay M. Parker and Ila C. Bridges
      To Honor Our Son-- Joseph Eric Bridges Parker-- And His Love For The Bard
    • Richard
      Keep rocking!
    • Jill & Tony Budd
      We love The Globe and hope that as many people as possible around the world will be able to share that love - good luck!
    • Barbara and Howard Gradet
      We are proud to support one of the greatest arts endeavors the modern world has ever seen. We love the Globe and only wish we could visit more often.
    • Vasily Zakharov
      Go Hamlet around the world!
    • Jim Sterne
      You cannot, sir, take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal.
    • Nick Sheridan
      Never give up!
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  • Donation = £50
    • Sarah Semyanik at the International School of Moscow
      You are doing wonderful work bringing wonderful words to all the far-flung corners of our wonderful world. Keep going! The play's the thing. I wish I could see your performance myself... one day!
    • Margareta
      I look forward to seeing you again in Denmark. I saw you in Sweden in May, 2014!
    • Alicia Cheak
    • Silvia
      Happy to help support Globe to Globe
    • Andrew & Blaise Cooke
      Make this a regular event!
    • Kathryn Tomlinson
      What a great project. Keep up the good work.
    • Judith
      I love that the Globe is bringing back the travelling players and this world tour is an awesome venture - good luck on the road!
    • Andrew & Miriam Lawrence
      Good luck to the highly talented cast! May you be appreciated fully in every country in the world!
    • Lesley
      Globe stewards coming to see you in Reykjavik - there's at least two of us. may be more : )
    • Rachel Piercey
      Good luck.
    • Richard
      See you in Bangkok next year!
    • Simon Field
      Brilliant project - best of luck. I hope to see it when you come to UAE.
    • Tania Dunn
      I still want a beach ball!
    • Robert
      Happy trails...
    • EHH
      Good Luck with this ambitious project
    • Bob Barker
      Best wishes to all .
    • joyce moore
    • Richard Abramson
    • Sue Miell
    • Claire Coast-Smith
      Sorry Kickstarter didn't work (this time!) Maybe lots of smaller targets to reach overall goal. In meantime, hope this helps & Bill Doll enjoys the trip! You are all wonderful!
    • Bill Rosenfield
      You ROCK, guys!Billy
    • Hiromi
      Hope the journey will be safe and sound. I do not have to hope the project will entertain and inspire people all around the world, because it certainly will.
    • Kris van der Sande
    • James and Helen Alexander
      Better luck 2nd time around. Huge thanks to the matched giver.
    • Krishna
      What an inspired idea to take the Globe Hamlet around the Globe. Good luck!
    • Thomas Alt
      I would like to support with my donation the globe to globe Hamlet tour. All the best! THomas
    • AJH
      What a project - love it
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  • Donation = £25
    • Nina
      A fantastic Globe achievement
    • Kit
      A wonderful endeavour!
    • Martin Stott
    • Judy
    • Vivien Gibson
      Warmest wishes of appreciation to all in Globe to Globe Hamlet -- wonderful work.
    • Brian Melling
      All power to their elbows
    • Simon
      Inspiring project - thank you!
    • Diana Briscoe
      Good luck on the final leg!
    • David Owen
      I hope you're going to produce a DVD of the tour - or a whole boxed set! But I have a question: What are you going to do for an encore?!
    • Joanne Stone-Williams
      Though this be madness, yet there's method in't.The play's the thing...
    • Jane and Julian Kent
    • J&J Kent
    • Beisi Li
      First donation to my beloved world of theatre.
    • Micky Gwilliam
      Haste ye back.
    • Deborah Esdale
    • Claire C-S
      Dear all! Keep going! Hope you have brilliant time in Far East, Down Under & God's Own!! Will definitely catch up with you again before 23 April 2016! Love to all, esp #Bill doll!
    • Martina
      All the best and enjoy the second leg of your tour. Brilliant so far, hope it will all go according to plan.
    • Brian Melling
      May the Globe production of Hamlet go from strength to strength
    • Tim S
      Globe to Globe Hamlet is such a brilliant idea - may it reap its just rewards
    • Kristi Bushe, Trinidad
      I had been counting down the months to Oct 26th and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the production!!!! It was fantastic....great actors. Keep up the good work and thank you for spreading the Shakespeare love!!!!!!
    • Kaio
      Thanks for the amazing show in Rio! I'm very glad to support this tour so more people have the great opportunity to enjoy it. What you're doing is really something very special.All the best!
    • Leslie Donovan
      For great theatre and essential cultural understanding. Safe journeys to cast and crew.
    • Cathy Rubino Fried
      The rest is silence Not so much five hundred years on and round the world to boot
    • S Harvey Langford
      Will we be seeing you in Australia?
    • Lucy
      Wishing the Globe success for this amazing project
    • Eva Hedberg-Borenstein, Sweden
      Good luck!

    • Best of luck with this fantastic tour! I am looking forward to seeing you in Bogota.
    • Heather Self
      I love the Globe and wish it every success with Globe to Globe Hamlet. Of course, my favourite quote is:"To thine own Self be True"
    • Alexandra Bonds and Joseph Gilg
      We were thrilled by the Globe to Globe season in 2012 and are happy to support the next project in this effort. Hamlet is not dead.
    • J. Grandwells
      Best wishes to you all!!
    • Sofie
      Break a leg guys!! Thank you to the generous anonymous donor who is doing so much to make this possible! Enjoyed the performance at Globe greatly and I look forward to seeing you all again at Kronborg, Denmark 2016!!
    • Eileen Hagger-Street
      So many memories of the Globe, from donating at the building stage, to feeling queasy during 'Titus Andronicus' last week! So glad to have another opportunity to send Hamlet round the world.
    • Lizzie Friendship
      Australia needs you!
    • Nicolas Vaudron
      May this adventure visit all countries in the world and thus enlighten the globe with Shakespeare's wisdom!
    • John Ronayne
      Good luck - the readiness is all.
    • Jane and Phil Haysom
      Best wishes to everyone involved in the tour. We look forward to hearing about your amazing experiences from time to time. From two supporters of the Globe ventures who have enjoyed many happy times at the Globe and Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.
    • Claudia
      Wishing you well with your global tour of Hamlet.Love coming to the Globe.
    • Franziska
      The readiness is all! Best wishes
    • Sarah Bernardes
      Everyone deserves to escape life for a few hours to contemplate the world. Massive congratulations to you all. Very jealous and wish I could join you every step of the way. Break a leg (in so many languages).
    • DC Briscoe
      I think this tour is a brilliant idea -- hope you manage to finance it successfully.
    • Paul Andinach
    • Breda Lymer
      Wishing you every success with your fundraising project. I am looking forward to seeing your performance in Ireland!
    • Ian M
      Visiting the Globe for the first time in the late 90s was unforgettable - having taught and produced some of the plays to generations of students around the world, suddenly, there it all was - magnificent! And now, Hamlet to the world - amazing.
    • Jennifer Holman
      This is a wonderful project which deserves the support of every theatre goer who has visited the Globe and enjoyed some of the wonderful plays there. It would be so sad if it had to be abandoned!!
    • Eve Slatner
      I have been coming to the Globe from Berlin since the opening season and it has become a part of my life that I would not miss.
    • Francesca Maguire
      Such an amazing project - good luck to all involved.
    • Hilary
      this is a wonderful plan - and I wish you all the very best with such an amazing adventure.
    • Hugh
      I hope that the tour IS funded, because I will look forward to seeing it in Mexico City!
    • Carol
      long may the joy of storytelling continue
    • Janet Morton
      Way to good an idea to not go ahead now. Good Luck
    • Silke Holstenberg
      "Doubt thou the stars are fire;Doubt that the sun doth move;Doubt truth to be a liar;But never doubt I love."
    • Wendy Brazendale
      So sorry you didn't make the original target, hope you make it this next time, such a brilliant idea.Good luck to all of you
    • Martina Kaltenbacher
      Project Kickstart must succeed!
    • Bianca Hessing
      I love Shakespeare ! I hope everyone around the world get's a chance to enjoy it, too.
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  • Donation = £10
    • Sheila
    • Linda Goldsmith
      All the world truly is a stage. This wonderfully inspiring project ensures that everyone can play a part and be enriched by the experience. Thank you.
    • Bridget
      A fantastic project.
    • Judy Howlett
      I was at the first night and hope to be at the Globe on 23rd. congratulations to you all. Come back safe and sound.
    • Andrea
      Thank You. What an inspiring stand for humanity!
    • Heather Self
      "To thine own Self be true"
    • Tracey Glenn
      I donated in the hope that as many people as possible can share in theatre, something my daughters and I love and are fortunate enough to be able to see.
    • Stephen Meyer
      The very best of luck for the rest of the tour everyone. You are creating something very special - Thank You! My Sister will be coming to see you in Rome!
    • Susie Fisher
      Seeing As You Like It at The Globe was one of the high points of our trip to London last summer. We heartily support your effort to bring Shakespeare to the world!
    • Chris Allen
      Chris has been a loyal patron for a number of years. I hope this donation in her name will go to many more years of wonderful productions of the Globe!
    • Sandy Steudel
    • Monica
      Carry on with the Fantastic tour!! see you in April in San Marino
    • Roland Matthews
    • Daisy Bourcier
      Continued support for your marvelous work
    • Hung-Ya Lien
      Globe to Globe Hamlet, you know what you are and what you will become. You are a muse of fire. The game's afoot. Follow your spirit!
    • daisy bourcier
      Keep going, i'm sure all the countries visited are enjoying your performances .
    • Angela Avida
      Wonderful opportunity :) I'm sure the Bard is happy.
    • Francisco Bosch Font
      Job well done. Keep it up !!!
    • Martin
      Good luck!
    • Koe Gaik Cheng
      Hope to see this production in Malaysia real soon!
    • Tracy from Houston
    • Iva Privrelova
      Looking forward to seeing Hamlet in the Czech Rep. next week!
    • Kathryn :)
      Hamlet is by far the best Shakespeare play (in my opinion, at least!) and I'm glad to support this incredible project! :)
    • Emily C.
      Best of luck, you're all doing an incredible thing.
    • Gregor Lutman
      Good luck with this great project!!
    • Ralf Schulze
      About 25 years ago an actor associated with the Globe came to our school in Germany & gave a lecture about Shakespeare in order to raise funds for the building of the theater. I've been fascinated by it ever since & visit it on every trip to London.
    • Laura Chatt
    • Ann
      What a wonderful project!
    • Thea
      Enjoy your trip round the world!
    • Su
      This above all: to thine own self be true
    • Viv Hannides
      This is just a small thank you for all the fantastic shows I've been lucky enough to see from the yard of The Globe. Good luck!
    • John Rogers
      I saw "Hamlet" at The Globe on 23rd April and was pleased to be there at the start of such a great venture. It would be fantastic if the group could take Shakespeare to every Country in the World, so I truly hope that you are able to raise the money.
    • Ken Gelsthorpe
      Hope this gets The Globe Theatres Hamlet one step further around the bigger Globe
    • Dr. Reinhard Huchthausen
      I support this great idea. Hope it will work.
    • Gail
      Taking Shakespeare from one Globe to the rest of the globe - an amazing feat.
    • Jane Miles
      Hamlet at The Globe was a wonderful piece of theatre and what a wonderful project to share it across the globe -you have my support .
    • Pam
      The course of raising funds for worthwhile causes never did run smooth
    • Brenda Ord
      Looking forward to hearing about your adventure.
    • The Tracy Family
      Vaya con Dios!
    • Maureen and Jim
      We have attended the Globe three times on two previous visits to the U.K. I love The Globe so much I contemplated coming back to England permanently, however, my Canadian husband said no! Please keep making the videos.
    • Robbie Pfeufer Kahn
      Shakespearean scholar, Stephen Greenblatt, notices the Latin phrase Hamlet utters: "hic et ubique" (here and everywhere) about the presence of his father's ghost. Globe to Globe Hamlet gives the phrase new meaning: Shakespeare est "hic et ubique!"
    • Pat Aitchison
      Good luck with this fantastic project!
    • Slavinka
      Wishing you every success! What a great project!
    • Karin
      I came to the Globe through Doctor Who (don't ask, unless over drinks) and come back each year since. I want more people to find the joy of seeing Shakespeare performed by such dedicated and enthousiastic people.
    • Jojo Cox
    • Casey C
      Thanks for all you do! Have visited twice and seen two of the plays and I love how accessible you make everything! Can't wait to get to London and visit again!
    • GrannyVe
      Good luck with your appeal. I hope you go to North Korea and other countries where there is little chance of justice but perhaps you can bring a glimmer of Shakespearian hope.
    • Di Shields
      Shakespeare changed my life and I am so hopeful that this production of Hamlet will change lives all over the world, and help us celebrate our shared humanity
    • Alicia Merrett
      Hamlet is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. I have seen many versions of it and each one shows me something new about it. I think the idea of taking the play to every country in the globe is fantastic, and I want to support it.
    • Rebecca Root
      Good luck with Globe to Globe. Remember, all the world's a stage! xx
    • Emma
      So jealous of the cast and crew! Good luck!
    • Liza Johnson
      Good luck with this project !
    • Helen Black
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  • Donation = Other
    • Catherine Fried - £5
    • Philippa Woodcock - £20
      What a wonderfully ambitious initiative to bring the world together
    • Maggie - £5
    • Claire - £5
      My family and I have enjoyed so many performances at the Globe and taken many foreign guests too. It's amazing that you are performing in refugee camps - have just been reading about it. I work with refugees in Swindon. Bless you all.xx
    • Hannah B - £5
      Best of luck with the rest of the Hamlet tour x
    • Brian - £2000
      Hi Guys Looking forward to seeing you all back safe. The Channel was cold but I'm fully recovered hope it is all going well. I recieved my Certificate a couple of weeks ago , total distance swum 27.5 miles. Brian
    • Anna Sinclair - £5
      What a wonderful thing - that one story can be taken to all nations, and all find something of themselves in it. All the best as you continue on the journey!
    • Iain - £5
      The ideas and themes of Shakespeare's work are eternal and translatable to any culture or language. What an amazing experience for both the audience and ensemble.
    • Amanda - £5
      This project inspired me. I wish you all the best.
    • Karen Ehlers - £20
      All the world's a stage - may HAMLET go round the world!
    • Emma Bell - £5
      Good luck around the rest of the world!
    • Brais Ravina - £5
      Looking forward to the play in Madrid! I last saw the Merry Wives of Windsor in the the Globe and it was excellent, loved it - well done and good luck with the Tour!!
    • Brenda Ord - £5
      A life changing experience for all involved. Enjoy it
    • Maree - £5
      Hope to be able to see you in New Zealand in June
    • daisy bourcier - £5
      Carry on bringing shakespeare to the world, i love it!
    • Matt Van Etten - £65
      Good luck!
    • Frances Winfield - £5
    • Keith Bartlett - £600
    • Betty McKenzie from Edinburgh - £120
      Ian,Happy 60th Birthday for the 14th of July 2014Mum
    • Jack Bean - £5000
      I've dealt with man eating giants, bean stalks that reach the sky and geese that lay golden eggs, but nothing comes close to this as a project worthy of support! Be it a little or a lot, please give Hamlet what you can.
    • Bianca J G - £60
      Good luck with this exciting project!
    • viv - £15
    • Katherine May Williams - £5
      Best wishes! Bon voyage! See you in 2016! x
    • Lucy Price - £5
      Break a leg x
    • Nicole Gordon - £30
      I am an English teacher who has been teaching Hamlet every year for the past 8 years, and I can think of nothing better then bringing the complexity and joy of Hamlet all around the globe. Hope to see you in Chicago!
    • Alan Williams - £350
      An exciting project well worth support!
    • Regine Willemsen - £20
    • Anthea M Maybury - £42
      Thanks for the memories!
    • JulieM - £30
      Delighted to contribute to such a worthwhile project and hope it's a great success. I've enjoyed the productions at the Globe since it opened and like to think this production can reach others all around the world.
    • Robert - £5
    • Maria - £5
      A truly inspiring project; best of luck!
    • Jess Bending - £5
      Being a groundling at the Globe's production of Hamlet in Mexico City in 2012 was one of the most magical moments of my life. Everyone deserves the chance to have that experience. Shakespeare for all! :)
    • Jane Lambert - £15
    • Claire - £15
      Good luck! Hope you get the money this way!
    • Inessa Kviatkovski - £1
      I think this is extremely important to support theatres and particularly projects like Globe to Globe, because this gives an opportunity to those who can't for some reason come to The Globe to see the performances, and this is very precious.
    • Maureen Kemp - £20
      Hamlet for the world & Hamlet for the future! Give it everything.
    • Elizabeth Dean - £20
      The Globe has been life enhancing for me and to give everyone in the whole world the opportunity to experience some of that magic is a project everyone should support with all of their heart.
    • Caroline Coleman - £40
    • Maria Harrington - £5
    • Yvonne - £5
      I saw Hamlet at The Globe and it was incredibly engaging, particularly the way in which the soliloquys were shared with the audience. The sheer pace of the play was also brought home to me for the first time - a great production that should be shared
    • Hannah Savage - £15
    • Amy Cody - £5
      Good luck Globe to Globe Hamlet! x
    • Christa W. - £1
    • Jonathan Shimberg - £5
      I hope you make your goal. We will be at the Globe next Monday!!!!!!!!!
    • Sarah Shotts - £3
    • CMB - £1
      Good luck, everyone.
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