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Shakespeare's Globe

Enjoy volunteering at the Globe.

It is an opportunity to taste first hand the atmosphere of the Globe on a regular basis. If you have time to spare and an interest in the Globe’s work we would love to hear from you!

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There are three aspects of the Globe's work that are currently staffed by volunteers: the Friends Desk, the Gift Aid Scheme, and the Stewards.

Friends Desk Volunteers

The Friends Desk in the Globe's main foyer is staffed by a team of volunteers. They liaise with visitors who wish to enrol in the Globe’s range of giving programmes. Last year our volunteers raised close to £50,000 to further the work of the Shakespeare Globe Trust.

Please note: At this moment we have no vacancies for Friends Desk volunteers. 

Gift Aid Volunteers

The Shakespeare Globe Trust is an educational charity which receives no annual Government subsidy. To develop the activities of The Globe, we are now asking visitors at the Exhibition entrance to make their admission price a donation and, if applicable, asking them to Gift Aid the donation. This way, we can claim back 25p for every pound visitors give. 

Please note: At this moment we have no vacancies for Gift Aid volunteers. 


Applications for the 2013 season have now closed.  Please check back later in the year for further Stewarding opportunities.