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Shakespeare's Globe

Make your unique signature part of our Supporting Wall

The Supporting Wall is a prominent feature on one of the main staircases at Shakespeare's Globe, and is seen by quarter of a million visitors every year.

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The Supporting Wall is a prominent feature on the main Exhibition staircase at Shakespeare’s Globe , seen by many thousands of visitors each year.

It consists of 50 large copper plates, each of which is engraved with the signatures of supporters of Shakespeare’s Globe. Some donors are enthused by their visit, others by a performance, or a desire to remember a family member in a unique way. All are united in their wish to further the aims and aspirations of the Shakespeare’s Globe charitable project.

Many well-known theatrical figures have left their mark in this way; names added to the Wall appear alongside the signatures of actors such as Simon Callow, Felicity Kendal and Vanessa Redgrave.

We invite you to join the Wall, or to nominate another person, perhaps as a gift, to commemorate a special occasion, or as a memorial. Your chosen signature will be etched with others onto a polished copper plate and re-mounted to form both a beautiful wall-covering and a lasting testament to your generosity.

For further information please download the Supporting Wall Form on the right hand side of this page or contact:

Friends & Patrons office
Telephone 020 7902 5970

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Friends& Patrons Office