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our latest givers

  • £1000: Michael and Maureen - AND Matched Funding ! We must be close. Thank you for allowing us to be involved.
  • £1000: Clare and Andrew Wettern - great achievement. many congratulations indeed.
  • £1000: Joanna Hollingbery - One Love!
  • £250: Ian and Elizabeth Plenderleith
  • £250: W.G.Handley
  • £250: Patti and George
  • £250: Jenny - I'm looking forward to everything in the new theatre - especially hearing my friend Harry singing in baroque opera.
  • £250: John Park - Donation on behalf of the European Wood Promotion Network - - with enormous thanks from the group for the tour of the work in progress - it will be very special indeed!
  • £100: Brett Johnson - ... looking forward to my first play in the new space! best wishes to all there ... Brett Johnson, Sydney
  • £100: Rick Burrows (Melbourne, Australia) - A wonderful new facility that I am sure will make a great difference to our theatre participation for many years to come!
  • £100: Marianne Oort - The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse makes it possible to enjoy the Globe throughout the year. I am looking forward to my first experience of this little gem.
  • £100: Serge - I have had such great times at the Globe in the past few years.This is just a token of my appreciation.
  • £100: David - Congratulations on this wonderful building and it is a glorious addition to the London theatre.
  • £50: - We cannot wait to come back – a wonderful experience
  • £50: Jim & Debby Cryer - saw the Globe's touring production of "Twelfe Night" in NYC.......astonishing, and very very very funny......what a writer that Earl of Oxford was!
  • £50: Graham Roberts
  • £50: Clare, Alastair & Ruth McConkey - Performances at the Globe bring an enhanced meaning to Shakespeare's plays
  • £50: Valerie Adamson - This lovely little theatre is every bit as beatiful as we were hoping. Congratulations to all converned.
  • £35: Charles Jeffries - My thanks for this opportunity to see such fantastic theatre.
  • £35: P&MW - ..behind each front door lurks truth,- danger. I peddle fiction. Believe you me, the books in everyone’s head are stranger...(CAD)
  • £35: M&P W - "..behind each front door lurks truth,- danger. I peddle fiction. Believe you me, the books in everyone’s head are stranger.." (CAD)
  • £35: Jenny W - So pleased to be supporting such a fantastic project - especially as the Globe has done so much to further my own development. This is also for both my Grandpas. Good luck!
  • £35: Marion Maddox - Quality drama can change lives.
  • £25: Susan Ruttenber - How could I not donate???!
  • £25: Mary O'Keeffe - Thank you for the wonderful service with Lost Property!
  • £25: Duncan & Mary - Can't wait to visit. Now we can experience Shakespeare's Globe productions summer and winter!
  • £25: Kate Colley - Best Wishes to the new theatre, I'm looking forward to my first visit.
  • £25: Annette - Looking forward very much to seeing a production in this wonderful new playhouse very soon :-))
  • £10: Anna S - My new favourite theatre space! It's absolutely wonderful.
  • £10: Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz - Thank you, Globe Theatre, for inspiring my two daughters, then aged 11 and 9, to beg 'Please please please can we see another Shakespeare NEXT WEEK??!'
  • £10: Bianca H. - Netherlands - Money well spent. I hope to visit the Sam Wanamaker playhouse this year. After all what's life without Shakespeare ?
  • £10: Fiona Taylor - Visiting the Globe is always fascinating!
  • £10: RHClossick - Illuminating platform for all the early modern dramatists.
  • £43.75: Sam Neicho - I ahve paid in money in rasied from my sponsored swim which I was inspired to do after visiting with my school last term.
  • £5: Heather - I have had so many wonderful experiences in the yard of the main theatre, so here's the cost of a ticket to contribute to what I hope will be many, many more good times!
  • £20: Maureen &Raymond Kemp - After many wonderful experiences in The Globe we are looking forward to further triumphs in The Sam Wanamaker.
  • £5: James Honke - I can't give much, but you have my full support!
  • £4: maria ramazzotti - I'll always be grateful for the amazing work you are doing for all of us


The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse is now open.

The new Playhouse has changed the cultural landscape of London.

The reconstruction of the indoor theatre has taken us another step closer to achieving Sam Wanamaker’s full vision, enabling the Globe to present theatre performances across 52 weeks of the year and providing an invaluable arena for Globe Education programmes and further research into Shakespeare’s theatres.

A generous donor has pledged to match pound for pound any gift made, therefore effectively doubling your donation. £7.45 million has already been raised against our £7.5 million target. We now turn to you, our devoted audience and ask you to contribute towards the last £50,000. 

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Donate Now to the Sam
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