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Shakespeare's Globe

Total donated so far: £7,452,036.50

  • Donation = £1000
    • Michael and Maureen
      AND Matched Funding ! We must be close. Thank you for allowing us to be involved.
    • Clare and Andrew Wettern
      great achievement. many congratulations indeed.
    • Joanna Hollingbery
      One Love!
  • Donation = £250
    • Ian and Elizabeth Plenderleith
    • W.G.Handley
    • Patti and George
    • Jenny
      I'm looking forward to everything in the new theatre - especially hearing my friend Harry singing in baroque opera.
    • John Park
      Donation on behalf of the European Wood Promotion Network - - with enormous thanks from the group for the tour of the work in progress - it will be very special indeed!
    • "Chuckles" Younghusband
      After all the pleasure the Globe has brought me, I'm delighted to make a contribution to the next stage - especially as the new playhouse is to be named in honour of Sam Wanamaker.
    • D Henderson
      A brilliant project - roll on January 2014..
    • Richard Abramson
      It's good to support this wonderful new project that will spread yet further Shakespeare's influence.
    • Hugh Mellor
      Congratulations: I can't wait for the first night!
    • Steve Dixon
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  • Donation = £100
    • Brett Johnson
      ... looking forward to my first play in the new space! best wishes to all there ... Brett Johnson, Sydney
    • Rick Burrows (Melbourne, Australia)
      A wonderful new facility that I am sure will make a great difference to our theatre participation for many years to come!
    • Marianne Oort
      The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse makes it possible to enjoy the Globe throughout the year. I am looking forward to my first experience of this little gem.
    • Serge
      I have had such great times at the Globe in the past few years.This is just a token of my appreciation.
    • David
      Congratulations on this wonderful building and it is a glorious addition to the London theatre.
    • Candice F.
      Congratulations on this wonderful new playhouse! I can't wait to see a production there on my next trip to London.
    • Adam Hedinger
      Admiring all this from afar (Canada) but hope to make it across the pond sometime and see it again in the flesh
    • Marc Duigou
      Donating to The Globe Theatre because it's good to support Art and Shakespeare plays.
    • Anne Smith
      Looking forward to visiting the site all the year round!
    • C Hewitt
      Liberate oculos meos
    • Robert & Kate Amos
      Having seen many of the productions at the Globe over the years we are proud to support this exciting project.
    • Andrian Harsono
      I've always loved going to the Globe Theatre and I desperately want to see this indoor theatre be completed as soon as possible. Keep up the good work and I look forward to attending my first indoor performance.
    • Richard & Diane Karohl
      We are so very proud to give to this project as Americans who appreciate Shakespeare and all the efforts at the Globe. We look forward to visiting this wonderful new Theatre.
      Let the revels soon begin!
    • Nigel Hobbs
      It will be wonderful to experience 'The Globe' all year round
    • Mr. and Mrs John Wellemeyer
    • Jeanette Moermann
      It was a great pleasure for me, thank you for keeping Shakespeare's trust!
    • Cathy Zilic
      Great excitement for the mind & senses, brilliant!
    • Eli YARDENI
      Keep up the good work.
    • Daniele Apa
      So glad to be able to give a little help!
    • Stephen O'Donahue
    • Keith Temperton
      A tribute to Sam and Will. Looking forward to 2014
    • Elaine and Haydon
      ...not of an age but for all time.
    • Krishna
      I am really happy to be able to support you!
    • Douglas Lanier
    • Hilary Ellson
      Great project - good luck
    • Catherine Pilsworth
      in her memory
    • With love from the Greenes
    • Harriet Sergeant
      Good luck on your exciting project.
    • Vernon
      It's the Play that matters, not the stage
    • John Graveson
      I wish you well - a fantastic project.
    • Anne Smith
      Looked forward to for ages, I can hardly wait!
    • Gordon Dawes
      Looking forward to taking a seat in the SWTheatre.
    • Darren Newman
      Roll on 2014 - can't wait!
    • Debbie
      Cant wait for theatre by candle light!
    • Claire
      Can't wait to see 1st perfs in the Sam Wanamaker!
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  • Donation = £50

    • We cannot wait to come back – a wonderful experience
    • Jim & Debby Cryer
      saw the Globe's touring production of "Twelfe Night" in NYC.......astonishing, and very very very funny......what a writer that Earl of Oxford was!
    • Graham Roberts
    • Clare, Alastair & Ruth McConkey
      Performances at the Globe bring an enhanced meaning to Shakespeare's plays
    • Valerie Adamson
      This lovely little theatre is every bit as beatiful as we were hoping. Congratulations to all converned.
    • David Donaldson
      Bon chance to the new old place!
    • Alan Kirkham
      I went to see the Duchess of Malfi and was totally blown away by the whole experience
    • Sabina Ilyas
    • Julia Daly
      Well done - I look forward to seeing many new productions in this wonderful theatre.
    • Loes Crn
      Thank you for making it all happen!
    • Beverly Averill
      Eileen Atkins was superb as Ellen Terry! What a memorable evening in such beautiful candle-lit surroundings. Congratulations to all concerned.
    • Robert Sandall
      .......... PLAY ON!
    • Jenny Hill
      Much looking forward to the Duchess of Malfi which I did for A level. A taste of apricots has remained with me even after 50 plus years! See the play if you don't understand!!
    • The Greensmith family
      Thank you Sam, visionary, & to all those involved with bringing the magic back to life - Please remember Henry Purcell !
    • Marianne Oort-Lissy
      Homage to all who have made the Globe and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse possible!
    • Frances Hughes - Shakespeare Reading Society
      In remembrance of Sam Wanamaker and his great achievement
    • Christopher and Lucie
      Great to hear that Baroque opera will be added to the programme. Best wishes.
    • Susan Z
      When I am able to visit the UK from Boston I always go to the I can come in the winter as well! Wonderful news. Congratulations
    • Ian R. Wallace
      Delighted to support an excellent and worthwhile project.
    • A donation to celebrate the birthday of Alan Hertz
      Inspirational professor, loyal friend, tireless mentor, and, above all, lover of London and its arts.
    • Dennis & Sheila Anne Baldry
    • Alice Kendal
    • Jim Stewart
      An exciting new development for this marvellous theatre. Very happy to be able to support it.
    • Kathy
      I love the Globe. I'm so excited about this new theatre.
    • Arngeir Hauksson
      Well, it's all one!
    • Roger Parsons
      May it be as successful as the Globe.
    • John & Karen Prestage
      We have enjoyed very much the globe so look forward to the new theatre dedicated a truly great director.
    • Lauren Strauss-Jones
      At last, there will be somewhere for Cassie Strauss-Jones to spend the winter!
    • Dave Newsome
      A marvellous project to support, which can only further enhance the Globe's national and international standing as a centre of theatrical excellence.
    • Barbara Beautrow
      I love Shakespeare, and I love what Sam Wanamaker started, along with the many people who have made the new Globe a wonderful, enchanting place to come to. Much success in this new endeavor--Mr. S and Mr. W would be proud!
    • Ineke van Munster
      I gladly donate to the Sam Wanamaker Theatre and very much look forward to see a play in the future
    • Corinne Trentadue
      I am so looking forward to visiting and seeing new plays in this theatre!!!
    • Simon Carruth
      I love the unique experience of seeing a play at the Globe and I am sure the Sam Wanamaker Theatre will be every bit as special. Delighted to be supporting this wonderful venture. The show must go on!
      Let Thou WILL Be Done
    • Silvana di Gregorio Gardiner
      Theatre by candlelight - magic!!
    • Chris Newall
      Can't wait to see The Tempest in the new theatre!
    • Rakshita (Raks) Patel
      Heartfelt thanks for all my fab times @ Globe!
    • Gloria Goldman
    • Alastair Everitt
    • Elizabeth Shaffer
    • Peter & Valerie Adamson
      Very exciting - can't wait!!!
    • Jenny Hill
    • Deborah
      Looking forward to attending soon!
    • Brian Stanley
      Can't wait to go !
    • Nick Baggott
      Anticipating magical theatre in the winter, too!
    • Max
    • Judi Newns
      With thanks for hours of pleasure.
    • Ann Marshall
    • Christine Moyes
      Hoorah - all weather Shakespeare!
    • Mike Poole
      Sounds Great!
    • Val & Bob Fawthrop
      Best wishes
    • Anonymous (but not the playwright of that name)
      I can't wait to visit this theatre.
    • Antonia Forster and William Williams
    • philip kolvin
      i am looking forward very much to the new theatre.
    • Jenny Holdsworth
      Good luck with your fundraising.
    • Roger Niven
      Great development.
    • Ecosse Claire
      So looking forward to seeing Sam's theatre x
    • Peter Swain
      Great concept, good luck
    • Terry Zlabinger
      Can't wait for the candlelight experience!
    • John Kresge
      I cannot wax enough: an indoor candlelit theatre!
    • Jinny Webber
      Here's to year-round productions!
    • Malcolm Hobbs
      Looking forward to the opening!
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  • Donation = £35
    • Charles Jeffries
      My thanks for this opportunity to see such fantastic theatre.
    • P&MW
      ..behind each front door lurks truth,- danger. I peddle fiction. Believe you me, the books in everyone’s head are stranger...(CAD)
    • M&P W
      "..behind each front door lurks truth,- danger. I peddle fiction. Believe you me, the books in everyone’s head are stranger.." (CAD)
    • Jenny W
      So pleased to be supporting such a fantastic project - especially as the Globe has done so much to further my own development. This is also for both my Grandpas. Good luck!
    • Marion Maddox
      Quality drama can change lives.
    • Susan Walsh
      I've spent many happy hours as a groundling here. I look forward to many more, and to enjoying a play in the new theatre. Cheers!
    • The Cowans
      Long may you continue.
    • Peter Edmonds
    • Brian J. Gill
      In 2001 I was part of the first International Artistic Fellowship. My time at the Globe made me a better actor, teacher and person. The Globe will always have my gratitude and hold a special place in my heart.
    • Jack Hrkach
      With fairy grace will we sing and bless this place
    • Mark and Gary
      Best wishes for the new theatre.
    • Zoe Gray
    • Elisabeth Parker
      Keep bringing the world together at The Globe!
    • Heidrun Heinze
      A candlelit theatre: a wonderful idea!!!
    • John Natali
      Bravo to the GLOBE Theatre!
    • The Bankes family
      We look forward to Globe seasons, indoors and out.
    • Clive H Church
      More 'other' Elizabethan & Jacobean plays please
    • Luana Salvarani
      The Theatre Experience. Also in the winter.
    • Shelley Lawson
      Very exciting project - good luck with the build.
    • Guillaume Winter
      Make this as good as the Globe!
    • Christopher Travers & John Parker
      Can't wait to see a show there in the new theatre!
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  • Donation = £25
    • Susan Ruttenber
      How could I not donate???!
    • Mary O'Keeffe
      Thank you for the wonderful service with Lost Property!
    • Duncan & Mary
      Can't wait to visit. Now we can experience Shakespeare's Globe productions summer and winter!
    • Kate Colley
      Best Wishes to the new theatre, I'm looking forward to my first visit.
    • Annette
      Looking forward very much to seeing a production in this wonderful new playhouse very soon :-))
    • Bob B
      Looking forward to my first visit!
    • Chloe
      Good luck. See you there.
    • Hilary
      I loved 'The Duchess of Malfi' in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. I was amazed and fascinated by the use of candles - and I loved the intimacy and immediacy of the playhouse. Looking forward to the next visit!
    • Nicholas Sanceau
      Long may The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse give pleasure to all those who love theatre.
    • Brian Hamilton
      I saw the Duchess of Malfi a few weeks ago and what an experience that was. Greatly looking forward to the Malcontent and L'Ormindo. For me, there's a sense of excitement about every new production at the Globe, and now even more so!
    • Trudi Cullum
      Such a special place now made even more special.
    • James Stredder
      Thank you for the prompt - I've been meaning to chip in. The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse is another great achievement. Congratulations to all of you who have made it happen.
    • Mark Burgess
    • Laure Duval
      Arcane words & jokes come to life richly, clearly, passionately. Shakespeare's genius, Wanamaker's vision & persistence, Rylance's learning, art & skill, the great company, join past & present in a living monument. Play on!!
    • Jan
      Well done Sam Wanamaker for having a dream and inspiring others to help to make it come true. The whole Globe complex is brilliant and has brought many more people back to the theatre and Shakespeare!
    • Alice Ledermann
      I don't know what to say, so I say nothing.I'm just mad keen on Shakespeare'Globe.
    • Michael Moran
      Great asset to Britain,may other countries follow.
    • Greg Thomson
      I'm delighted to play a small part in the ongoing development of the Globe- a theatre that has provided many happy memories.
    • Graham Pexton
      Thank you for creating such magic.
    • Gavin Keaty
      Looking forward to visiting London and catching a show at the Globe…or maybe even the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse!! Gotta love Shakespeare : )
    • Jill Black
      Great Tribute to Sam Wanamaker, hope to get there one day
    • Jayne Talbot
      O, had I but followed the arts!
    • Susan Drummond
      Love going to the Globe, looking forward to going to the New Jacobean Theatre.
    • Jon Tabbert
    • Katharine Ross
      A really exciting project - good luck with it .
    • Micky Gwilliam
      With the precedent of The Globe, how can this theatre fail to be a stunning success.
      I wish the project well and looking forward to attending some of the productions in 2014.
    • Bobbie Jacobson
      May the Wanamaker vision bring joy to the many.
    • Caroline, Paul, Francesca and Rosemary Nicklin
      We look on this as a down payment towards many future visits! Hope the build goes smoothly.
    • Nadine Schroeder
      A fantastic project!
    • Christine Sadler
      Attending a play at the Globe is the highlight of any visit to London; always a pleasure!
    • Kate Head
      It's been a pleasure to see plays as they were orignally staged, so I look forward to a revival of English Jacobean indoor theatre when the Sam Wanamaker Theatre opens - he had "...a most rare vision"
    • Peter Dean
      Let's hear it for Sam
    • Liz Simpson
      A small donation towards a massive project ... the new theatre opening is eagerly anticipated!
    • Terence Parkes
    • Peter Workman
      What a great initiative! I am already a Friend of the Globe and I can't wait to attend my first performance in the new indoor theatre.
    • Andy Earwaker
      I am pleased to support this initiative albeit in a small way. London is the greatest artistic capital in the World and this great initiative can only enhance that reputation.
    • AJ & A Morant
      A fitting memorial for one to whom we owe a lot
    • Matthew Lacey
    • Eva-Maria Voerster
      I love Shakespeare!!
    • Kathryn Beecroft
      Good luck with this fascinating project.
    • Robbie Pfeufer Kahn
      There cannot be too many seasons, types of weather, days or nights, and theatres in which to watch (and read while watching), standing or sitting, Shakespeare's plays.
    • Toria Hollyn
      To many years of continuing the tradition of entertaining, educating, and enlightening through that glorious medium known as the theatre. In honor of actors, directors, designers, and crew: past, present, & future.
    • Frank Parry
      All the world's a stage ... and I hope you build a great one!
    • Gillian Raynor
      Donated in memory of family who loved the Arts.
    • Lindsay Ould
      Looking forward to seeing my first play here in 2014
    • David Lewis, Ferney-Voltaire
      The Globe has been the best thing to happen to London theatre for many years. Here's hoping that the Sam Wanaker will only consolidate that success.
    • Diana Harford
      Look forward to the opening.
    • Rebecca Hearle
      Shakespeare all year round, I can't wait.
    • Rachel Stewart
      Very happy to help support this project.
    • The Fleet Family
    • The Chubbs
      Here's to an even better season!
    • The Pack Family
      The Globe is a wonderful place! Good luck!
    • V Richards
      Can't wait to see it completed!
    • Stephen
      For the many happy hours spent under Sam’s spell.
    • Stephen
    • Bob & Sally
      Fantastic Idea. Can't wait to experience it!
    • Eve
      Looking forward to visiting when it's done!!!
    • Joe MacDonald
      Now I will have another reason to visit London.
    • Andrea Lowndes
      The Globe is a highlight of our trips to London!
    • Linda
      In gratitude for many hours of playgoing pleasure
    • Sarah S
      Can't wait to come and see a play!
    • Susanna B
      With love & admiration from the OC in CA in the US
    • Michael Moran
      Worth to the World
    • Ian Walton-George
      We all have our part to play.
    • Georgina Wistow and Alan Dobson
      Can't wait for it to open!
    • Gerald Stuart Burnett
      A fitting tribute to Sam Wanamaker, bravo!
    • Zena Woodley
      Please continue to grow! Best theatre in town!
    • John, Ginnie and Kate Cumming
      Good luck with this Sam! Wish you were here.
    • William James Thompson
      Good luck with your finals William. Love dad
    • Tom Swallow
      Globe:warm, dry and wintertime!
    • Anne Llanos
      Good luck with this fantastic (ad)venture!
    • Ronnie Landau
      May Shakespeare's words live for ever!
    • Susan King
    • Caroline Laurence
      This is a wonderful idea and wonderful project.
    • Jon-Mark Grussenmeyer
      God bless and Merry Christmas to all at the Globe!
    • Marcus Rees
      thank you for enriching our lives
    • Rob & Louise Sandy
    • Karin Cotter
      Great idea - can't wait to visit
    • Rosalind Lamberti
      All the best for the new theatre.
    • Emma Love
    • Tony MEDDER
      Looking forward to more superb performances
    • Tim Bliss
    • John A Simpson
      Great idea,as was the Globe.
    • Karen Golanski
      Looking forward to year round Shakespeare.
    • Fiona Anderson
      Thankful to Sam for getting the Globe started!
    • L Heitzman
    • elizabeth gorman
      ca't wait for my first visit to the new theatre
    • Tom Lemon
      A Globe within a Globe --- bring it on!!
    • Frances & Geoffrey Smith
      Thank you for years of happy theatre going.
    • Ash Hirons
      Can’t wait to see the new space. Good luck.
    • Gilles Maguin
      Thank you. More Elizabethan style plays please.
    • Shakespearefan
      Great! Best wishes for success
    • José A. Pérez Díez
      Hoping SWT will show more non-S Renaissance drama.
    • Bent Laursen
      What an excellent idea! See you in winter, also!
    • Deborah Clatworthy
    • Ally for Rachel
      For my 13 yr old niece, Rachel who loves The Globe
    • Craig Beech
    • Zoe Gough
      Cant wait to see it - good luck everyone!
    • Polly Wharram
      Best wishes for a wonderful venture.
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  • Donation = £10
    • Anna S
      My new favourite theatre space! It's absolutely wonderful.
    • Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz
      Thank you, Globe Theatre, for inspiring my two daughters, then aged 11 and 9, to beg 'Please please please can we see another Shakespeare NEXT WEEK??!'
    • Bianca H. - Netherlands
      Money well spent. I hope to visit the Sam Wanamaker playhouse this year. After all what's life without Shakespeare ?
    • Fiona Taylor
      Visiting the Globe is always fascinating!
    • RHClossick
      Illuminating platform for all the early modern dramatists.
    • Iva Privrelova
      I saw The Duchess in the Playhouse and it is magnificent and unique and I want to go there every winter! :)
    • Veronica E
      A perfect gem of a theatre
    • Kerry Nicholls
      I wish the new playhouse all the success in the world. The Globe offers the best theatrical experience in London and I can't wait to visit its younger brother!
    • Sean Smart
      Good luck!
    • Abigail McKern
      What a stunning achievement, especially at a time when the Arts are struggling and theatre in this country is fighting for it's life. The Globe will continue to be a world class venue - Londoners should be proud!
    • mark spillane
      An illuminating performance venue that is deeply enchanting, magical and intimate. May this venue have a long life and grow from strength to strength within its new home. Exciting times lie ahead!
    • Isabelle D.
      I had the chance to see "The Tempest" at the Globe. This theater is beautiful. I look forward to seeing this new construction!
    • Fiona
      Alex, David and Tom.
    • Jane
      The least I can do to celebrate the efficiency and courtesy of the lovely people on the phone, and a sparkling first visit - we enjoyed The Duchess of Malfi so very much. Thank you and congratulations!
    • Pete Marcus
    • Eve Slatner
      I come to London every year for the Globe and now the Sam Wanamaker Theatre
    • Jill S.
      Looking forward to my first visit.
    • Bowker Family
      Keep up the great work!
    • Lynne Forsyth
      I love the Globe theatre, I have been there many times, I hope my modest donation helps in a small way
    • 7-Seat
      Eternal thanks to the Globe for creating some of the best Shakespeare productions of our age and opening them to us, the seriously broke groundlings. Lives have been changed!
    • Jennie Dobson
      Really excited about the new theatre and looking forward to seeing many productions there.
    • Johanna
      Such an exciting project - wish I could give more...
    • jacquie
      Can,t wait to visit its a fantastic design:))))
    • Andrea
      what a great idea
    • Neil Manthorpe
      Am rediscovering the works of Shakespeare not having paid much attention since I studied 'Macbeth' for O level in the late 70s. Hope to be able to visit the Globe next year.
    • Sally H
      Looking forward to seeing the new theater and going back to the Globe when I'm next in London!
    • Joanna Shirley
      So looking forward to all the amazing performances in the new indoor theatre!
    • Y. Gugel
      A new theatre? What fools these mortals be !
    • Beatty
      This donation is part of the Exchange exhibition at the Foundling Museum
    • Claire
      I love the Globe and the opportunities to inspire an interest in Shakespeare and theatre it provides so carry on the good work, but out of the rain!
    • Seraphina.C
      To many more years of fantastic theatre celebrating the timeless bard.
    • David
      I have a strong emotional connection with the Globe and Sam's vision. I was involved a lot in the opening season and numerous visits. I look forward to the culmination and my warmest thoughts go out to Zoe
    • Will & Anne
      Looks a jolly good house. We'll be across the pond to visit shortly.
    • Nick Moore
      In support of equal marriage rights in the UK for everyone...even the groundlings!
    • Darren Ross
      Was a groundling at first ever performance at the Globe on 21st August 1996 and am so happy the Globe proved the critics spectacularly wrong. Very much looking forward to visiting the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.
    • Charles Brunton
      Remember I donated next time I'm in the audition room
    • Mirna
      Good luck with the project! Greetings from Serbia!
    • Jim
      Just love being a Groundling at the Globe.
    • John & Petra Willbourne
      "The finest eloquence is that which gets things done" - David Lloyd George. So it is "onwards and upwards" for the new indoor theatre at the Globe.
    • Laurence
      This looks an amazing project and even though I don't have much to donate at the moment, I'm hoping even my contribution helps things along!
    • Eileen George
      What a wonderful vision to go back to the roots with theatre audiences in an intimate space...special for the performers, as well as so special for the audience. All best wishes.
    • Margaret Samuel
    • Stephen Haskins
      I've seen some great plays here, now I'm looking forward to what this new theatre will bring :-D
    • Jane Adley
      Shakespeare's Globe is a wonderful and special place for Shakespeare fans and I am really looking forward to seeing a play at the new theatre.
    • Jemma Wark
    • Mark and Louise Williment
    • Robert Palin
    • Virginia Garbero
    • Marv
      Awesome! What a tribute to the visionary founder of The Globe! Hope to visit London again and see a play when it is completed.
    • Julia
      I can't wait to visit the new theatre!
    • Naureen Matlib
    • Giuliana Bracali
    • Andrew Biggs
      I loved the exhilarating production of Richard III last summer, I look forward to seeing plays at the new Sam Wanamaker Theatre in the near future. Merry Christmas!
    • Elizabeth Maybank
      God bless Sam Wanamaker!
    • Serena
      I've always had a lovely time at the Globe, I look forward to see the Sam Wanamaker theatre!
    • Lynn Cain
      I'm delighted to be able to contribute to this magnificent venture. In these dreadful times of economic strangulation of the arts, it's totally uplifting to see a project like this approaching fruition. What joy it's going to bring us all!
    • Jason Kenstowicz
    • Frank Thompson
    • Gill & David Mansfield
      Can't wait for 2014 - looks wonderful. Thank you all.
    • Eleanor Steinitz
      Good luck!
    • Suzanne Cross
      Member Santa Fe Shakespeare Society, lover of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
    • Jennie Dobson
      Really looking forward to seeing the new theatre. The Globe is part of a great regeneration of Bankside - I'm sure Shakespeare would have loved it!
    • Mark Frost
      Looking forward to visiting the Theatre in 2014
    • Mattias Karen
    • Veronica Eddy
      A small gift, with love
    • Dawn House
    • Julia Paulsen & Kevin O'Connor
    • Leah C. Romano
    • William Lang
      Wonderful. I'm more than glad to be able to help.
    • Hilary
      congratulations on this wonderful development.
    • Sarah Kane
    • Ann Hardy
      Great tribute to Sam Wannamaker
    • Bob Pinks
      I look forward to the opening in 2014.
    • Sean M
    • Kate Hostler
      A new experience for theatre goers
    • Chris Williamson
      Best of luck guys! See you in 2014!
    • Christine Rohan
      A candlelit Globe -can't imagine anything better!
    • Iva Privrelova
    • Gill
      Glad to support this brilliant scheme.
    • Lynda
      Cant wait for 2014. Good luck.
    • Beck Laxton
      Look forward to productions there!
    • Eve Slatner
      The Globe. Happy to help
    • Geoff White
      New theatre looks great: keep friendly & accesible
    • Olga Samarina
    • Christine East
      This is a wonderful legacy.
    • The Knight Family
      A Christmas gift
    • A Fan
      Every bit counts!
    • Gemma Miller
    • Ian Faircloth
      Great addition. Thanks. Another must on my visits.
    • Susan Dalgetty
    • Margaret Eccles
      This looks & sounds great - can't wait!
    • Chris Moorcroft
    • Anna Moses
    • John Henrik Welle
    • Liz Twose
    • Anne Tait
      Happy to support a great theatre.
    • Daniel Wilson
      Im thrilled to be able to help this great project!
    • Dave and Claudine
      Too much of a good thing-never the case with Will
    • Candy Edwards
      Can't wait to visit
    • Richard Hale
      I'm already looking forward to it!
    • Szilv
      I love the Globe, I'm happy to help this project.
    • Barney Thompson
      Great move, best of luck.
    • Peter Woodruff
      An excellent project to complement the Globe.
    • Suzanne & Mitch Wright
      Exciting & beautiful, Congratulations to us all!
    • Jane Crutchfield
    • Julie Patten
      Looking forward to the opening of the new theatre.
    • Peter Scott
    • Rebecca Root
      Good luck! SW and WS would both be proud! X
    • Rhoda Wolf
      Brilliant - can't wait to visit
    • Geraldine Pinchard
      Looking forward to visiting the new theatre
    • Globefanatic
      Can't wait to see the first production !
    • Ros Aitken
      Wonderful that the indoor theatre is happening.
    • Tory Gillespie
      Go make me some theatre!
    • Lord Andy & Lady Gin Craig
      Every little helps!
    • James Guerrier
      Good luck! Look forward to visiting
    • Steve Wise
      I can't wait to go and see a production there!
    • Sarah Zieba
      I'm so excited that the project is under way.
    • Steph Atkinson
      Can't wait!
    • Harriet Affleck
      Bring on January 2014!
    • Tarquin
      Now I just hope I'll be able to get a ticket!
    • Anastasia Balareva
      from russia with love x =)
    • Hannah
      How incredible- a candlelit theatre, I can't wait!
    • Vicki Grace
      Can't wait! Bring on winter season at the Globe x
    • Thomas Middleton
      Biggin up da Jacobean massive brap, brap, brap!
    • TeresaN
      good luck with this project!
    • Daisy Garofalo
      Great idea! Happy to be able to support this!
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  • Donation = Other
    • Sam Neicho - £43.75
      I ahve paid in money in rasied from my sponsored swim which I was inspired to do after visiting with my school last term.
    • Heather - £5
      I have had so many wonderful experiences in the yard of the main theatre, so here's the cost of a ticket to contribute to what I hope will be many, many more good times!
    • Maureen &Raymond Kemp - £20
      After many wonderful experiences in The Globe we are looking forward to further triumphs in The Sam Wanamaker.
    • James Honke - £5
      I can't give much, but you have my full support!
    • maria ramazzotti - £4
      I'll always be grateful for the amazing work you are doing for all of us
    • Maria Merlino, Sydney Australia - £200
      I'm so happy to be able to contribute to this wonderful project.Saw The Tempest on 18th August and also did a tour. Fabulous!! All the best for the future. I hope to return :O)
    • CML - £15
      Everybody needs a Wanamaker!
    • Michelle - £5
      Love my annual trip to The Globe. Cannot wait to feel the atmosphere at the Sam Wanamaker Theatre.
    • Hayley - £2
      Every little helps! Support in any way :) It would be more but it's all a lowly acting student can afford for the time being!
    • Michael - £2
      every little helps !! can't wait to see this theatre open!!
    • Barbara Coca - £5
    • AliK - £1
      Glad to support such a brilliant scheme, wish I had more to give.
    • Tom Mortimer - £1
      Good luck guys - very exciting!
    • Damian and Sue Clarke - £15
    • Shelley and Richard - £23
      In honor of Alan Hertz
    • Nienke van Engeldorp Gastelaars - £5
      The Globe Theatre: a wonderful, unique place: may it go from strenght to strength.
    • Victor Sawang - £5
      Looks nice and cosey. Looking forward to see a performance or two when completed.
    • Benjamin Ross - £5
    • Tom Mortimer - £1
      Very exciting times ahead - looking forward to the first production at the new theatre, best of luck!
    • Sophie Dart - £5
      Good Luck, can't wait to see the final result!
    • Helena Palmer - £5
      It's only a bit, but I'm happy to play a part!
    • Mary Webster - £300
      Very best wishes for your continued prosperity
    • - £7
      Happy to support such a wonderful project
    • Anya O'Sullivan - £3
      A small contribution but from the heart!!
    • Tommy Hewitt - £1
      Get a move on Dad
    • P&P - £5
      Glad to be able to be part of this!
    • Carol Hustler - £20
      here's to the future of history-making theatre!
    • Hannah Boland - £5
    • John Ferguson - £1
      Best of luck with the project - great idea!!!!!!
    • Bob Anderson - £3
      Looking forward to a winter season at the globe
    • Greg Hewitt - £1
      go dad go
    • J M - £1
      I love the Globe!!!!
    • Felicity Cody - £5
      I love the Globe!
    • Emma - £5
      So excited about the new theatre!
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