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Bill is in Santa Monica! He talks about how he is loving the touring process and enjoying the great responses from their Santa Monica audiences.

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Bill is in Santa Monica! He talks about how he is loving the touring process and enjoying the great responses from their Santa Monica audiences.

What are the venue and the performing space like?

In Santa Barbara we performed in a lecture theatre but it was also a theatre. It was quite tight back stage though so quick changes were difficult to achieve. The venue we are in now in Santa Monica is much larger and so we’ve got much more space. It’s a lovely venue, it’s very friendly, and you feel like you can really connect with the audience.

What is it like doing Shakespeare in that particular venue and for that particular audience?

It’s going down very well, so that’s good, and they’re loving the show. That’s the great thing about comedy, you know instantly whether the audience like it or not because they either laugh or don’t; so you sort of get instant feedback and here they are responding really well. What’s great about performing this show indoors is that the director Rebecca has tried the best she can to recreate the atmosphere of the Globe. So, for example, the house lights are always up so the audience can see each other and we can see them too, so that’s really helpful and immediately creates a bond with the actors and the audience. And also we make our first entrance through the audience from behind so we are really involving them from the word go which is great. I don’t know how often they have done this kind of thing in this theatre but it does work really well and provides a really communal experience. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the audience but I am delighted that they are responding so well. In America they have a big thing about standing up if they like the show. A standing ovation is quite rare in the UK I think but over here they do it much more freely. So at the end we always get a large section, if not all the audience, up on their feet which is lovely.

How have you found the travelling process?

It’s great! I mean the first week it was quite full on and we were all quite jet lagged, so were struggling with that. You get off a plane after 11 hours, half way around the world, and you’ve got to adjust your body clock. So you are dealing with that, and opening a show you have never done before, and being in a strange place, so it took a few days to adjust really. I enjoy all that though because I think it’s worth it to travel to all these new places. And I think you get quickly installed in a place and you have little routines, so, for example, you find the place you want to go and eat before a show and after; you very quickly get used to living in a new place. I really enjoy that element of touring, discovering a new place, and also a new audience, and getting used to it.

Have you had any free time to explore Santa Monica?

It has flown by so quickly but I have had plenty of time to explore and it is a lovely town. I had some family who were visiting a few weeks ago and they were staying downtown, so I got to explore around there. But I actually really like where we are staying because its right by the beach and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere. I will be sad to leave because it is so lovely.

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