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Dumfries is an old industrial town, and it’s where Robert Burns spent most of his life.

Transcript of Podcast

Greetings from Dumfries!

Dumfries is an old industrial town, and it’s where Robert Burns spent most of his life. So we went on a tour around Robert Burns’ sites and read his poems, so it was very lovely. It’s quite a pretty town, and a lovely river runs through it, the river Nith.

Crichton Campus itself is a great venue: it’s an old asylum that was bought by the university and turned into a campus. We’ve been performing in a field outside of the campus. It’s a very nice acoustically, and our dressing room was the vestry of a church, so we were all on our best behaviour!

We’ve been playing to a minimum of 600 people a night – it’s been crammed! The audience were absolutely delightful as well, they’ve lapped it up. They were a perfect audience for us: attentive, fun, joyous, lovely people, and lots and lots of them. We played to between 1,600 and 1,800 people over the three shows.

Weather-wise it’s been lovely: we’ve been able to have barbeques after the show every night between 10:30 and 1 in the morning! We’re all staying in the same house together in dormitories, with a big kitchen in the middle of the house.

We’re at our eighth venue now, and the show has been morphing and changing as the tour’s gone on. It has got a little bit loose, but we’re working on tightening it up for when we get back to the Globe, which will be halfway through our tour.

Our next stop is the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmonds, which is a lovely old theatre. I last played there before it was refurbished so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like now. Then we’re back at the Globe, but next we're off to Ripley Castle in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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