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Hello from Wardour Castle in Salisbury!

Transcript of Podcast

Hello from Wardour Castle in Salisbury.

Wardour Castle is a lovely old ruin in the middle of nowhere: it’s very pretty and lovely, acoustically great to perform at. The stage looked wonderful: we put it in front of the castle, so the audience were looking at the stage with the castle in the background. The audiences have been good to play to, although they’re quite hard to please – they’re not roaring audiences, quite conservative and reserved.

We’ve had very good weather, and we’ve been well looked after by the Salisbury Festival, who’ve been our hosts, especially considering that most of the festival has been happening in Salisbury itself and we’re about 20 minutes drive away! We’ve been going to a nice pub for dinner every night, and have good digs to stay in. It’s a lovely area of the country, very pretty. So we’ve been having a great time: it’s a good bonding experience for us as a company to be out on the road in such a beautiful surroundings. We’ve been going for lovely long walks in the daytime and performing the show in the evening. It’s been a really good experience.

Nothing much else to report from here. Next stop: Oslo!

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