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This is the sixth blog post about rehearsals from Laura. This week, the company has begun teching the play in the theatre itself - find out how things have been going!

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Normally (in other theatres) tech week is where you learn your lighting cues and work out where to stand in an exact space, so that the light is on you. I actually find tech week at the Globe a lot more freeing; here, it is a time to map everything out – entrances, exits, costume changes, where you can stand backstage to not get in peoples’ ways – and to incorporate the music and props.

We did a scene today when I have to rip down the curtains as I’m leaving. The first time I tried, it just fell on my head and I was standing like a ghost under a sheet – not very dramatic! That’s going to be tricky every night because it could so easily go wrong!


The music is great. This the first time we’ve had them onstage and had the music interacting with the text, it is really adding to it. I think the song that Olivia [Chaney, Andromache] sings is just incredible, really haunting, and that definitely helps me emotionally. I find that music is like that anyway. Some people aren’t really affected by music but I find music very emotional. All the drums and other instruments really add to the atmosphere. When I’m not working I sit out and watch it.


It’s great to see it on the stage; people look fantastic with all the costumes and everything. It is very clever the way that they have done the tents. The set changes are all very swift and I guess that’s because there aren’t massive sets. I quite like that, because in some plays it becomes too much about that, but it’s nice just to have nothing in your way. We have a big cast too - I’m always so shocked about how many men there are in this cast! The level of testosterone is amazing! A lot of the play is about showing off, particularly in a camp environment, since it is soldiers trying to impress one another and decide who has the biggest muscles!


The costumes are brilliant and my costume is great! I love it when you get costumes on, shoes in particular; because they just help you move better and help you become the character a little bit more. These costumes are beautiful.

I’ve got a long slip that I wear under everything and then in the first scene I’m wearing this dress which is beautiful, almost Couture like, it’s gorgeous. Then when I’m sent off to the Greek camp I have this very vulnerable looking cloak/smock thing with a hood, its meant to make her look delicate.


Originally I was supposed to have a wig, but Matthew [Dunster, director] felt it didn’t work in the end. So now I just have my own short hair, except Matthew wanted me to have purple streaks through my hair for the Trojan colours. So I got bleached bits and we just put the colour in every day. That is what I love so much about Matthew and Dominic [Dromgoole, Artistic Director] as well I suppose, they are willing to take risks and you don’t always have to be completely authentic. There are a lot of directors who wouldn’t put a short-haired girl in a Shakespeare play, especially as the lead. So fair play to them!

These comments are the actor's thoughts and ideas about the part as s / he goes through the rehearsal process – they are simply his / her own interpretations and frequently change as the rehearsals progress.

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