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Schloss Hof in Austria is located not too far outside Vienna and we are performing here as part of a theatre festival called Art Carnuntum.

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Schloss Hof in Austria is located not too far outside Vienna and we are performing here as part of a theatre festival called Art Carnuntum. The festival takes place over a couple of months and encompasses four different shows and we were the first one to perform.

We are performing within one of the outbuildings of this incredible palace. At this event plays would usually be put on outside, but because it is May, when it normally rains here in Austria, it has been decided that we will have our stage inside. In hindsight we could have played outside as the weather has been really hot here, but nonetheless the place is beautiful.

There is of course a language barrier between us and our audience, but they still seem to respond really well. One thing I have noticed though is that they take the humour from the play very differently and so they were much quieter as a whole. I think visually it’s quite easy to understand so from that point of view they were getting a lot of it and many of them do speak smatterings of English so that certainly helps. I think we have to remember that even for an English person Shakespeare can be hard to understand because it is so unlike we speak now.

The sound in the venue isn’t too great so we have to try and be very precise in everything we say, partly because of the acoustic and also because of the language barrier I mentioned. You can’t really mumble, you have to really be so precise, not clipped, but just have real intention behind it. If anything gets lost, not only would it echo but you wouldn’t be able to understand it. So it is more about the intention, you just have to be really focused.

To get to Austria we took a flight and even though I’m a rubbish with flying it was all pretty good. To get the set here we have these amazing drivers who transport the set to wherever we need to go. So they took the ferry from Dover in two big vans and then set it all up before we even got here.

We were close to Vienna so on the last day we took a trip there and it was really good. We had the whole day free so we went on a boat trip. The city was great and because the weather was so good it was just brilliant.


Josh x

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