Shakespeare's Globe

Imogen played by Maddy Hill

Imogen (2016)
Written by: William Shakespeare

In her first production at the Globe, Maddy Hill takes on the eponymous role in Imogen, a new version of Cymbeline, renamed and reclaimed.

Maddy trained at Rose Bruford.

Previous theatre includes: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Southwark Playhouse); The Meeting Place (Scratch Night Festival), and As You Like It (Custom Practice).

Film includes: Uwantmetokillhim? and Show in Paradise.

 Television includes: Father Brown Christmas Special, Whitechapel III, and Eastenders. 

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Rehearsals 2

"Matthew Dunster is a Spice Girl! I think he wants to be a Spice Girl! Because he knows that in order to make something relevant, you have to give women more of a chance. And what he's done is so clever..."

As Tech Week draws near, Maddy talks about the rehearsal process, exploring the modern world of the play, and reclaiming the play for fellow Spice Girls!

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Rehearsals 1

"Wherever Shakespeare wasn't that forgiving with his writing, Matthew Dunster has tried to tell those stories through movement. So while we're still doing work on the script, we started plotting really big movement scenes, like there's a battle scene and stuff like that."

In her first interview for Imogen, Maddy discusses movement in this production, approaching the character, and how to (and how not to) prepare for a role!

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