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In her penultimate blog post Pippa discusses this week's technical rehearsals, hwo she feels about the upcoming first performance and rehearsing in costume for the first time.

Transcript of Podcast

Technical Rehearsals

It’s been a really good week. The biggest difficulty has been translating the work we’ve done in the rehearsal room on to the stage – that is quite a challenge at times. Some scenes are really easy and work well. At other times you’ve got to work really hard to be heard. In the tender and softer moments you’ve got to find a quality of voice to make those moments alive and real, and yet project it at the same time. It’s about finding the right pitch.

It hard doing intimate scenes on stage because you have to start to share them - the audience have got to be another character really. You have to learn that I think. For some people it comes very naturally, but I think I have to learn to share it and not feel intimidated by letting other people onto it.

I certainly don’t feel like I’m there yet or ready. I’m glad we’ve got ten days of previews to experiment with these things in front of an audience.

Preparing for the First Performance

I feel absolutely fine about it – but I am a bit nervous. We’ve got a dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon and I’m hoping we’ll have a few people in to see so that we have a sense of the audience. The show is sold out – I can’t believe it! It’s quite exciting! Sometimes I feel incredibly at home on the Globe stage and then I feel very daunted the next moment!

Getting Used to the Costumes

We get to act in our costumes for the first time this week. Everyone just looks amazing in their costumes and wigs. The women’s dresses have been made specifically for us so that’s just such a luxury. My costume’s got a bit of a journey because when you first see me I’m very different from the other two girls because I’m Jewish so I have a Jewish dress – then I have a very quick change into becoming a page boy. When I arrive in Belmont with this Jewish dress, I look very different from everyone else. As me and Lorenzo get more and more into Belmont life, I start to wear clothes similar to Portia and Nerissa and my hair goes up.

Wearing the costume changes the feeling of the play because you’ve got to walk differently. Glynn McDonald who is our movement advisor will tell us how to walk, how to sit and how to take each other’s hands – that’s incredibly helpful. Obviously the director is there looking at the wider picture and working on other details. Our voice directors give us individual notes which are very helpful, as wearing corseted clothes effects your breathing.

Nothing major has been re-staged. The main thing is getting to grips with all the costume changes because there are some very very quick costume changes going on which has also been very funny.

We teched a lot of stuff in the middle of the week and then had to go back over four scenes to do it with the costume changes. We had to slow some of the dialogue down a bit so that people have enough time to change for the next scene.

These comments are the actor's thoughts or ideas about the part as s/he goes through the rehearsal process – they are simply his/her own interpretations and frequently change as the rehearsal process progresses.

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