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In her second blog post Laura discusses the difficulties of rehearsing two plays at the same time, how she relates to her character and about having time off.

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The Comedy of Errors

I haven't yet really made the mood switch, so I had a really poor rehearsal a couple of days ago. I was doing a scene where I've got a big long speech to do about love, and I was just poor. I felt I was doing it really badly. I felt I was being a really bad actor because I haven't let go of Titus enough. Hopefully as I get into Comedy more I'll be able to separate them a bit.

I’ve been in this situation before, where I'm performing one show and rehearsing another but not for the same company like this, I’ve done it as two separate jobs. It is a weird situation, but, once you establish yourself in the second thing, it starts to work. I was rehearsing Juliet for four weeks while I was playing the mad girl from the mountains in Brand. Different rhythms from one play inform the other. So Juliet is what she is, but there was a little beast in me from the other show, which can enlighten things because you have something else from someone else. That happens all the time, you can go and see a play, and it has an effect. I went to see Fuerzabruta at the Roundhouse on Monday, and it was extraordinary. It can give you the energy to be better in rehearsal, and to think about things differently. Seeing something and having the gift of inspiration can be a great help. It can also come from working on two plays at one time.


I don't really like her at the moment. She is a romantic, a young idealist. When things go wrong she is surprised. Her sister thinks she is having an affair and she is trying to pick up the pieces. It is a bit early in rehearsals to know more. I'm starting to care more, and the fear will come soon, and that will drive me to care more and to work on it. She isn't the sort of character who drives the sort of research I did for Lavinia, but I need to do that research. I need to work things out about her. I need to do a lot of going through the text and working out who she is. I'm starting to get the enthusiasm about it now. Just this morning in the shower I had an insight, only a tiny thing, but it is the start. I find it difficult to work unless I'm turned on by something and until I start to connect it is hard to make progress. The challenge for me is to be the actor who can transform between Lavinia and Luciana.

Time to recharge

One of the highlights of the last week is having a bit of time to recharge. I've been to a couple of plays this week which has been good. After the low time at the end of last week, to have some time off and then to be able to come to Titus fresh again has been good. For the rest of the summer there are fewer performances of Titus every week. I think I'll miss it, but it will be exciting to keep coming to it fresh as well. It will keep the show energised.

These comments are the actor's thoughts or ideas about the part as s/he goes through the rehearsal process – they are simply his/her own interpretations and frequently change as the rehearsal process progresses.

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